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Thursday, 03 May 2018 23:44

Green Landscape of Mountains with Rain

It's been a busy week here at Panoramic Ireland, I've been leading photography tours and workshops all over Ireland and here, this image from yesterday shows some of the beautiful landscapes through which we travel regularly.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 23:52

West of Ireland Landscape, Mountains and Sky

The West of Ireland is full of landscapes like this Connemara panorama with rugged mountains and rough pasture.

It is also home to locations like this one at Pine Island.

On a bright winter's day the west is full of character for the photographer and visitor alike.

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Monday, 19 February 2018 13:56

Sunset in the Mountains, with Snow - Ireland

At the end of that beautiful hike in the mountains, after the day looked to have finished early with a snow-storm darkening the sky, this is the reward of a bright and colourful sunset.

Looking out from the snow-filled mountainside towards the sun as it passed across the horizon, there was the sound of silence save for the sound of our shutters, a gentle breeze and the call of some crows.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, for a private photography landscape tour in the magic of Ireland's mountains, snow or no snow and suitable for all levels. Honestly, if I can climb it then so can you.

Find out more and feel free to ask me any questions.

See more like this: Path to the Sun, Ireland in Wnter

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Sunday, 11 February 2018 18:56

Snow in Ireland, February 2018

I often get asked if it snow in Ireland or does the sun shine in winter in Ireland.

And on certain days it is possible to say yes to both.

This week has seen plenty of snow here in Ireland, and it has also seen lots of blue sky and sunshine - with all three on the same day so I can answer yes to both of the typical questions. Yes, it does snow in Ireland and yes, the sun does shine in winter.

Here, a scene from the mountains of Ireland from a photography expedition above the snowline into the white world of winter.

To join me on a photography expedition in the mountains in any season contact me using the contact page.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 20:49

Storm Fionn hits Ireland; a climb up Slievenamon

Slievenamon, Sliabh na mBan or 'Mountain of the Women'


As I write this Storm Fionn is hitting Ireland and bringing with it snow, heavy winds and high seas.

It's rather fitting then that last week I climbed a mountain in County Tipperary called Slievenamon, whose Irish name means Mountain of the Women.

This 721m high mountain sits at the end of a long ridge stretching across the south east of Ireland.

It was an important mountain in Irish mythology having been the place chosen by an important mythological figure, often described as a giant, Finn or Fionn MacCumhaill as the site of a race - the winner would be the first woman to ascend Slievenamon who would win Fionn's hand in marriage.

Finn, as you might already know, is the hero/god/giant who created the Giant's Causeway, Lough Neagh and the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea according to legend

So check out the video of my short ascent of Slievenamon from the green Suir Valley to the white, icy wonderland on top with stunning views of the Munster Vales and the counties of this part of Ireland situated along the driving route known as Ireland's Ancient East, like the present Storm Fionn it was blowing a gale at 721m above sea level.

The video is hosted on YouTube but you can watch it here on this page by playing it.


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Friday, 05 January 2018 18:42

Blue Hour, West of Ireland

The Blue Hour is a classic time of day for landscape photographers to photograph. There are in fact two blue hours and both don't necessarily last for an hour.

The first blue hour precedes sunrise and the second of the day comes after sunset; wrapped inside the day there is also the golden hour that we will talk about separately.

During the evening blue hour - light is fading, the sun has set and we lose the direct brightness from our light-giving star.

Red light passes through Earth's atmosphere and further into space, while blue light with its shorter wavelength gets trapped and scattered, and bounces around to create a blue coloured period we call the Blue Hour.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017 21:16

Antrim Coast on a Stormy Day

The Antrim Coast is a rugged, beautifully scenic place with the wild Atlantic pounding at its shoreline and islands constantly.

Here Sheep Island, a tiny island of basalt rocks sits close in front of the much larger Rathlin Island composed of basalt overlying chalk - evident in the cliffs as seen in the distance.

I was leading a photography workshop on this coastline, a part of Ireland I know very very well, for more information see here.

It was a windy day but still with blue sky and plenty of clouds as we considered that we were lucky to be on land rather than on the high seas, tripods shaking with the wind it was a time to shelter and photograph handheld.

Beautiful, don't you think?


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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 20:24

Sunset in Ireland's Midlands, Laneway of Colour

Another of my favourite images from 2017 came again from Ireland's midland region just like this one here.

Again, after a long day of photographing landscapes we found ourselves in not an ideal position for photographing the sunset, not being the chief objective of our photography workshop.

Here we found this lane that seemed to invite us across its water-filled potholes towards the colour of the evening's setting sun.

The wind was blowing, the usual, bright orange colour filled the horizon and above the blue hour was beginning to start.

This was one of my favourite unexpected scenes of the year.

It is very representative of Ireland, not the famous scenes from our beautiful coastline but the hidden Ireland that I like to find for you on my photography workshops and tours.

To join me on a personalised tour in Ireland, to find scenes like these, contact me using the main menu or use the email address at the top of the page.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 18:51

Sunset Pastoral Scene in Ireland

This was at the end of a long day's photography workshop covering woodlands and waterfalls, Panoramic Ireland (that's me by the way) run photography workshops and tours for all levels in Ireland from Cork to Galway to Belfast to Dublin.

We were in Ireland's midlands for the best part of the session and sunset wasn't high on our priorities for the day but we happened on this scene and found that post-sunset cloud glow to be very photogenic with this pastoral scene of green fields and cows.

To join me on a photography workshop in Ireland for sunset photography, street photography or architectural photography and everything else as well use the contact page on the main menu above. Send me an email with whatever locations you are interested in and dates when you will be in Ireland.

In the meantime, enjoy this sunset scene, it's relaxing don't you think?

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Sunday, 24 December 2017 23:51

Christmas 2017

As I write this the clock is about to turn past midnight and into Monday 25th December 2017, Christmas Day.

I have been working hard on many projects this year, currently on my best of images - my personal favourites from the past twelve months.

Here is one of my favourites, a setting sun lowering through the sky over Northern Ireland - rays shining across the green countryside and high into the bright blue sky.

Your support throughout this year, and previous years has made all of this possible and I look forward to continuing into 2018, chatting on social media, via emails and indeed meeting you on tours here in Ireland.

To book a photo tour, one-to-one photographic advice and mentoring session from anywhere in the world or to buy one of my prints please use the contact form in the top menu.

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