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Autumn is on its way here in Ireland, as we stopped to photograph the woodland stream beech leaves were falling constantly, not in large numbers but solely and constantly like the lightest snowfall.

Seen here, the bright reds of those fallen beech leaves lying on rich green moss-covered rocks alongside the woodland stream.

I'm sure there is some statistical analysis that can be done to predict whether a leaf will fall from its petiole, 20 metres to the ground, to land and become part of the photographer's image or be swiftly carried along by the stream which is fast-flowing and narrow, wide and slow in places, to flow towards the sea.

Or indeed to be thrown on to a rock and deposited there as higher water recedes.

The green moss here vibrant from recent wet weather, the same precipitation that feeds the stream and helps to bring those dried leaves to the ground.

And it's a scenic sight, reds and greens saturating this small corner of the Irish countryside.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to photograph in Ireland's woodlands in autumn, spring, summer and why not in winter too - literally all year round; improve your landscape photography on location.

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Tuesday, 02 February 2021 22:52

Mosses and Ferns, an Irish Woodland Stream

Ireland is a green country, except when it snows and even in winter (February in the image above) that green still shows in the fields and woodlands of the Irish countryside.

Here, in a fine little woodland of beech, ash and oak a cascading stream flows over rocks as the low rays of the winter sun brightens riparian scene of mosses, ferns and fallen leaves.

Photography in Ireland isn't just a summer interest, the country has many beautiful scenes to capture throughout the year.

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It's still autumn here in Ireland and the countryside is looking particularly scenic at the moment.

Here, a colourful scene of fallen leaves, moss-covered rocks and flowing water - a sense of calm can be felt in this place.

The river flows, and after heavy recent rains the scene will have changed, leaves washed away and rocks moved, but the sense of calm will still remain.

While the season changes, and the seasons change places like this will always be of interest to the photographer.

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From the coast to the mountains - a few weeks ago I headed to the coast for sunrise, the morning's forecast was for sunshine and a bright start to the day.

In reality it was dull and grey and there was no hint of a colourful sunrise.

I photographed and videoed at the Forty Foot in Dublin before making my way into the mountains.

Having checked the weather radar it looked like better weather was to be found away from Dublin.

I found the sunshine after a little rain and the morning got brighter and warmer. I stopped at a woodland stream to photograph some woodland colour and character.

Enjoy the video from the day's journey through the scenic Irish countryside.

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The Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi said that ‘The wise man knows that it is better to sit on the banks of a remote mountain stream than to be emperor of the whole world.'

And sitting on the banks of this fine remote Irish mountain stream (small river), I was reminded of these very words as I photographed the scene after a recent photography workshop in Ireland's fine springtime countryside.

For 30 minutes I enjoyed my own solitude, gazing on the fast flow of the fresh water and felt in awe of the scenery just here in front of me.

I'm sure that the river banks must have been full of wildlife but I couldn't hear much over the constant sound of the flowing water.

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Friday, 31 May 2019 00:28

Swirling Water in the Irish Countryside

Today I headed into the mountains, the day started cold and grey with a lot of driven rain.

Perhaps not the best choice to be high on the mountain tops in Ireland in wet and windy weather so I went instead to a sheltered woodland to photograph streams and flowers - where the bluebells are still in fine colour.

Here I gave full attention to the small stream, cascading through the woodland but with little flow there wasn't a lot to capture that impressed.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 22:11

Woodland Stream, Leaves and Flowing, Falling Water

As the small stream makes its way from the open mountain, its source towards its destination - in this case to meet with a larger watercourse - a river, it flows through a small woodland of distinctive beauty.

At one point a sharp cut or cleft in the rock, allows the stream's fresh water to fall freely for a few feet or less than a metre as seen here.

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Saturday, 13 October 2018 23:02

Autumn Reflections, the Woodland Stream

Autumn, is there a more colourful time of year?

Here on a photography workshop we set out to find colourful woodlands and streams, here we found the perfect combination of both.

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Thursday, 04 October 2018 22:53

Lush Woodland Stream in September, Ireland

The day was long and we visited the coast at sunrise, followed by a foray into the woods of Ireland's interior.

We made the coast our main focus but how could we have resisted the colourful charms of this woodland scene? Would you pass on this one?

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