Saturday, 29 January 2022 21:46

Sunbeam Road, Colourful Winter in Ireland

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A fine afternoon sky from today in Ireland with rays of the sun . Sunbeams break through fast moving clouds as the sun edges past the hypotenuse of this nebulous triangle into clear blue sky for a short time. The hills and low mountains of Ireland, illuminated in places into the distance. After a fine scene of golden winter light…
Saturday, 08 January 2022 17:35

Sleet Across the Irish Countryside

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The little bit of snow we have had in recent days in Ireland has now gone, melted more by heavy rains than warming temperatures. Today saw some bright and sunny winter clear skies but also almost-night winter sleet and rain brought by thick, dark clouds. Here, in the image above this afternoon, a weather front spreads across the green Irish…
Friday, 03 December 2021 00:21

Landscape of Smoke and Fire, Ireland

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From a high vantage point in the drumlin country of County Armagh, I spotted a large plume of smoke heading into the atmosphere. At first I thought it must be an industrial unit on fire, because of the sheer volume; this was no chimney fire. As I descended to lower ground, I could see that it was coming from the…
Sunset in the mountains, Ireland, the sun goes down. Valley lakes reflect the last of this day's light as the sun edges towards our apparent horizon on the mountain ridge; glints of brightness in the dark from quartzite rocks. Thin Lizzy's haunting final single The Sun Goes Down is about more than this quotidian natural event, yet as one of…
Tuesday, 02 November 2021 00:11

Autumn Colour in Ireland

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Autumn is well and truly here in Ireland. We have now passed the autumn equinox by around six weeks, with six weeks to go to the shortest day of the year. Temperatures are dropping along with the shortening day length, but we do have clear blue skies this week. Autumn is a time of colour of course, so woodlands and…
Go Mall / Slow - It kind of looks like travel is beginning to come back to a sort of normality in Ireland, from Monday 10th May 2021. With an incredibly slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the world's longest lockdown, ranked also as the most strict in Europe, next week (from Monday 10th of May) sees Ireland allow nationwide travel.…
Sunday, 31 January 2021 02:19

Snow in the Mountains, Ireland January 2021

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It's still winter for now, just for a day as according to Irish tradition the 1st of February sees the start of spring on Saint Brigid's Day. Ireland has had some snow, as in the image above, this winter but not as much as Britain. This is usual, Ireland typically receives less extreme weather than Britain where there has been…
Well, the time has finally arrived, it's time for Panoramic Ireland's final post for 2020. The year started so well, with a lot of promise then quickly descended into a state of...not so good. So it's time to bring some hope into the new year and look forward to a better year, starting with January. I would normally do a…
A fine day over part of Ireland today, and a lot of rain too ahead of Storm Ellen which will bring strong winds to the west and south of the island. I was in both parts, rain and sun. I've had my first CT scan of 2020 and bloods taken for tumour marker tests - again the first of this…
Thursday, 09 April 2020 21:12

Triangle Field and Sheep, Ireland

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Life in some ways during the current lockdown due to Coronavirus / COVID-19 is continuing as normal, at least in the countryside. Here sheep roam the fields, one field actually, this triangle-shaped field on the edge of the mountains. A large tree stands guard over the small patch of land, and along with most of the low-level trees here, remains…
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