Here are some of Panoramic Ireland's favourite images from May 2017 as seen in the YouTube video below.
This week's photographic adventures took us through much of the Irish countryside, including here green fields full of cows relaxing. Behind sits woodland and forest stretching out of the valley towards the higher slopes on the mountains. The landscapes are looking particularly lush at the moment and the cows agree.
February 2017 saw me photographing a lot of studio images for my site but I did venture out into the countryside both on my own and while leading tours in Dublin, Wicklow and Kilkenny. Snow made a return during February 2017 and crocus flowers were in full bloom. The coast of course was a perfect destination with stormy weather…
Ireland's famous waterfall the Reversey Falls, where water flows backwards up the fall is a natural phenomenon that still puzzles scientists. Enjoy the view!


Panoramic Ireland's favourite images from January 2017 The year included some particularly beautiful scenes and January was no exception with colourful seascape sunsets, Dublin at night and ferns in golden sunshine. Enclosed is the short YouTube video so watch, enjoy and like or even subscribe for more videos coming this way.
As I write this the clock is about to turn past midnight and into Monday 25th December 2017, Christmas Day. I have been working hard on many projects this year, currently on my best of images - my personal favourites from the past twelve months. Here is one of my favourites, a setting sun lowering through the sky over Northern…
At this time of year cloudy skies are not that common but fields of green potatoes are. Ireland is of course the land most commonly associated with potatoes and in the summer green leaves and white flowers of potatoes provide a carpet across much of the Irish countryside. Join Panoramic Ireland, that's me by the way, and visit the Irish…
Walking along the laneway in winter, not as enjoyable as in spring when the green leafy colour lines the hedgerows and fresh scents fill the air, but still on a cold winter's day the reminders of last season's life are there.
A Peaceful Moment On a recent journey on the Irish Sea, having left port we passed a windfarm with many turbines and on the calm surface of the sea a dolphin gently breaks. Landscape photography is not always about epic hikes and early starts, the beauty of the landscape is often right there in front of us at any time…
Light and nature. An introduced but colourful plant to Ireland, montbretia, with its orange and green growing from crevices in old red sandstone rocks.
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