We're back to that time of year again, summer has ended and winter is on its way. For now it's colourful autumn. Here in a gently sloping woodland, a small stream cuts a narrow path soon becoming a river but for now it's all gentle and pretty. And of course it's colourful.
The Irish hare Lepus timidus hibernicus is a distinct subspecies of the mountain hares found all over the northern latitudes of the northern hemisphere. All Lepus timidus except hibernicus change their coats of fur to white in winter to match with typical winter conditions of snow at such northerly latitudes. But due to Ireland's mild climate and lack of white…
I have written about green roads and rural lanes here on Panoramic Ireland before. Here is one from a walk in the Irish countryside earlier this year, 2019: https://panoramicireland.com/blog-ireland-guide/irish-summer-green-rural-lane-trees-exploring Here, stopping along the back roads of the Irish countryside - in the west we went exploring and photographed one of the most scenic lanes in the country.
The Irish countryside in summer is a fine place, with green in abundance. Many sights are full, overcrowded with tourists who come to see the famous places such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant's Causeway.
Exploring in the Irish countryside can be a fine and rewarding experience. Here, I found an old stone bridge dating from the 1840s over a small river surrounded by green trees, its stony riverbed shallow with long grasses sculpted by the low summer flow. We stood in the water here, no need for wellies, to photograph this scene. Join Panoramic…
It has been a busy few weeks for Panoramic Ireland with photo tours in Dublin, Antrim, Galway, Mayo and Kerry. Here, on one of a few rare days off a visit to an old stone abbey surrounded by trees. Peaceful and quiet save for a few birds and my own footsteps on the gravel underfoot.
This week's Guess the Location comes from a more famous, and guessable location in Ireland. Last week, plenty of you guessed right as the image being from one of Dublin's many bridges. This week, the tower seen here is silhouetted against the sunset sky, it's a well-known tower in a very well-known location. Can you guess the location? Answer in…
This week Panoramic Ireland would like you to guess the location of this image, do you know where it is?
Kilkenny is known as Ireland's Medieval City and is a charming place, located 90 minutes from Dublin it is also very easy to visit. Seen here is one of the small city's main sights - it's imposing castle sitting above the River Nore. Panoramic Ireland has recently written a guide, online and with a PDF to download covering Kilkenny City…
Dublin is home to many fine parks, the best known being St. Stephen's Green and Phoenix Park. But there are many of these fine green spaces in the city, some with more colour than just the lush green grass such as here at Saint Patrick's Cathedral on a sunny day.
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