Cork's famous bridge across the River Lee, one of many, seen here on a calm reflective autumn day. The bridge has two names, Daly's Bridge is the official title but it is mostly known to Corconians as the Shakey Bridge. The bridge is due for refurbishment, they will remove it and carry out repairs to replace it late in 2019.…
Threecastles, County Wicklow - Ireland I've been out photographing in the Irish countryside in recent weeks as autumn makes its way across Ireland. On one of the bright blue-sky days I stopped at Threecastles in County Wicklow, south-west of Dublin.
Sunsets are often bright and colourful in Ireland, and on this occasion it was one of the most impressive that I have photographed. Here, during a photography workshop covering sunset landscapes in the west of Ireland we encountered this scene with colourful clouds and open blue sky along with an orange sun.
Ireland's woodlands in autumn. You've seen plenty of images here from the glorious spectacle that takes us from summer into winter so here is a short video from some of the places in which I have been photographing this autumn in Ireland.
Dublin's iconic Custom House at night, reflected in the River Liffey. I posted a photo of the famous Dublin landmark as it was bathed in bright golden sunlight, see here: but I have photographed this building more often at night over the past twenty years.
A recent photography tour took me back to County Cork and after finishing, since it was such a fine day, I went exploring in the Irish countryside. Here I found Barrymore Castle in the north of County Cork, ruined since the 1770s it was built in the 1620s and was once a majestic home. Now it is only ruins and…
Autumn, a time when we think of changing colour of leaves turning from green to red, to brown, to yellow, to orange. But in the heart of Ireland's capital city, Dublin, we find buildings changing colour just as here in the image above.
Enjoy the views, walking through Clonmel in County Tipperary and Dublin, the capital of Ireland in this GoPro made hyperlapse or timewarp video.
This week's image of the week is this one of a storm cloud and low sunshine in Ireland. Check back next week for the next image of the week from Panoramic Ireland.
The day was long and we visited the coast at sunrise, followed by a foray into the woods of Ireland's interior. We made the coast our main focus but how could we have resisted the colourful charms of this woodland scene? Would you pass on this one?
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