Ireland's climate brings lots of mixed weather and with that mixed weather comes the potential for rainbows. Here while out on a photography tour with BY from the Pacific Northwest of the USA, we were greeted with this scene after a little bit of a rain shower. I've photographed many rainbows over the years and they remain a photographic favourite.…
Sometimes the weather isn't just perfect. More than the occasional storm passes over Ireland, here's I went out to photograph the end of a storm on the Irish Sea close to Dublin.
Waterfalls look at their best in spring or autumn with fresh green leaves or fall colour being situated often, but not always, in woodland settings. Now, at the end of autumn I will probably not visit many waterfalls until spring, there are a few that I will photograph over the course of the winter but none like this. Here, the…
The waterfall in autumn is a photographer's dream, heavy rainfall, colourful leaves and fewer tourists mean a more scenic adventure and better images to be made. Here is one case in point, taken during a damp, dark few days in autumn. I spent an hour walking along trails, following the signs towards the waterfall - until the signs stopped.
I'm a photographer, I'm also a tour leader, geographer and explorer. I was thinking today about exploration and how, sometimes, a day's exploration can bring unexpected results. Here, a short walk along a riverbank turned into more of an adventure than I had planned on, traversing the river and climbing over rocks brought me to this picturesque section of the…
Long Exposure Photography in Ireland Ireland's countryside is perfect for landscape photography, here from a photography workshop covering use of filters and long exposures is an early evening cloudy sky with clear golden sunshine. We set up our tripods and made use of the 10-stop ND filters before sunset, and here the long exposure after sunset:
Killarney is one of Ireland's most scenic places, here the famous lakes and mountains just outside of town are looking great at sunset on a cloudy day.
Finishing up on a recent photography workshop in the Irish countryside we spotted some interesting clouds heading towards the obscured sun. Waiting for a few moments brought scenes like this, with sun rays bursting out in all directions as if search beams scanning the countryside.
Autumn is almost over but this week Ireland has been treated to a riot of colour as fine, clear weather brought blue skies and golden light to highlight the myriad colours of the autumnal Irish countryside.
The Beauty of Sunset in Dublin I often get asked what the weather is like in Dublin or in Ireland. It's difficult to predict, the weather, but one thing is for sure - the weather here is a lot better than you might think, particularly for the photographer.
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