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Wednesday, 18 October 2023 16:14

Colour of Autumn in Ireland

Lots of colour in places as we head towards the end of October, the recent good spell of warm weather is over and colder, more usual, temperatures have followed.

A proliferation of non-green colours, but actually there is still plenty of green after a summer without extreme heat or an overabundance of sunshine.

It's an incredibly scenic time of year here in Ireland and perfect for photography even if we can't guarantee the weather it's always possible to photograph interesting scenes in the right lighting.

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph in Ireland, in autumn, winter, spring and summer.

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Tuesday, 03 October 2023 00:35

Misty Woodland Corner, October in Ireland

I did say that Ireland is a scenic place in October in a recent post here and I did promise more from the October archives as well as current images from October 2023 as I travel throughout Ireland.

Here, a small woodland in rain and mist with autumnal foliage in a scene that could be from any era of photography.

The challenge on this morning was to keep the camera dry, but amazingly the afternoon turned to bright sunshine and all with a warm breeze.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to find scenes like these in different parts of Ireland from Antrim, to Cork, to Dublin to Galway.

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It's well and truly that time of year again, Autumn is here in Ireland with clear blue skies and changing leaf colours.

That of course means colour, lots of it, as seen in this image.

A lone sycamore tree stands guard over the small stream as it flows through an empty landscape under a bright and colourful sky with white clouds and sheep grazing on grass nearby.

Of course we have heard a lot recently about a more famous lone sycamore, the one cut down at Sycamore Gap along Hadrian's Wall in England.

We enjoyed bright sunshine at the end of September here in Ireland's uplands as sheep grazed all around. 

Traditionally the start of August marks the begining of autumn in Ireland, meteorologically though September begins the season.

I have written before that October is one of my favourite months in Ireland and is definitely a time you should consider visiting the Emerald Isle.

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph Ireland at its best in October, May and the rest of the year.

If you can't travel to Ireland, consider helping to keep Panoramic Ireland going by donating to cover the costs of maintaining the site and travelling through Ireland.

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Monday, 14 November 2022 15:46

Golden Colour on the Autumn Road, Ireland

Bright golden autumn colour on one of Ireland's many back roads.

While some Irish thoroughfares get all the attention, The Dark Hedges and Grafton Street being two prime examples, the country is accessible from a dense network of small back roads that, in many places, are incredibly scenic.

Just colour here beside a small river, enough to make you want to stop and just take it all in for the few weeks of autumn every year.

The season is changing now and after lots of windy but warm weather recently most of the leaves are off the trees. The bare season of winter is nearly here.

Scenic and Colourful Irish Road in Autumn
Scenic and Colourful Irish Road in Autumn
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Monday, 24 October 2022 00:12

The Scenic Walk, Ireland

Autumn sunlight and the scenery of a tree tunnel of yew.

Ireland is full of scenic roadways, avenues of fine trees but some are more impressive than others.

Obviously I am talking about the Dark Hedges in County Antrim, and yet as here above there are many other equally beautiful avenues to walk through in Ireland.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022 21:01

Cloudy Autumn along the River, Ireland

Autumn is upon us here in Ireland, we have passed the autumn equinox and now the length of daylight is shorter than night.

Last week I was photographing in County Roscommon at the inaugural Night and Day Festival which featured Irish and international artists - more to come on that soon.

This week I have been photographing in some woodlands in the Irish countryside, the weather was a little challenging but the workshop with NS from Virginia, a first time visitor to Ireland, went well as we covered long exposure photography and how to photograph colourful scenes.

Here we left the woodland to photograph along a wide, fast-flowing river to another section of colourful woods on the opposite bank. This is a scene that looks best in the autumn months.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to photograph Ireland's rivers, woodlands and countryside in autumn, winter, spring and summer.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2022 23:36

Green Roads, Red Berries in Ireland

Green roads are a favourite place for Panoramic Ireland and what better time than late summer or autumn to visit these scenic conduits through the Irish countryside.

Here red hawthorn berries, blackberries, ash trees, ivy and many other points of interest fill the scene in a rich scene from Ireland's west.

What better place to visit on a cloudy day in Autumn?

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph green roads, Irish landscapes and the fine cityscapes of Ireland.

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Tuesday, 02 November 2021 00:11

Autumn Colour in Ireland

Autumn is well and truly here in Ireland.

We have now passed the autumn equinox by around six weeks, with six weeks to go to the shortest day of the year. 

Temperatures are dropping along with the shortening day length, but we do have clear blue skies this week.

Autumn is a time of colour of course, so woodlands and the mountains take on a stereotypical burst of colour as green moves to yellow, brown and red.

Time to enjoy photographing the pockets of deciduous woodland that dot the Irish landscape.

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Sunday, 15 November 2020 23:35

River and Bridge in Autumn, Landscapes of Ireland

Rivers, streams, waterfalls and deciduous woodlands are a favourite photographic subject of mine and for many photographers.

Here, it is easy to see why. An old stone bridge sits spans a small river as it flows through a green, autumnal woodland before cascading over a six foot fall.

Fallen leaves and bracken add plenty of colour to the woodland floor.

While we may not be able to travel far at the moment due to travel restrictions, next year will see lots of opportunities - particularly towards the second half of the 2021.

Join one of Panoramic Ireland's private (non-group) photography workshops in 2021.

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It's still autumn here in Ireland and the countryside is looking particularly scenic at the moment.

Here, a colourful scene of fallen leaves, moss-covered rocks and flowing water - a sense of calm can be felt in this place.

The river flows, and after heavy recent rains the scene will have changed, leaves washed away and rocks moved, but the sense of calm will still remain.

While the season changes, and the seasons change places like this will always be of interest to the photographer.

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