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It's well and truly that time of year again, Autumn is here in Ireland with clear blue skies and changing leaf colours.

That of course means colour, lots of it, as seen in this image.

A lone sycamore tree stands guard over the small stream as it flows through an empty landscape under a bright and colourful sky with white clouds and sheep grazing on grass nearby.

Of course we have heard a lot recently about a more famous lone sycamore, the one cut down at Sycamore Gap along Hadrian's Wall in England.

We enjoyed bright sunshine at the end of September here in Ireland's uplands as sheep grazed all around. 

Traditionally the start of August marks the begining of autumn in Ireland, meteorologically though September begins the season.

I have written before that October is one of my favourite months in Ireland and is definitely a time you should consider visiting the Emerald Isle.

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph Ireland at its best in October, May and the rest of the year.

If you can't travel to Ireland, consider helping to keep Panoramic Ireland going by donating to cover the costs of maintaining the site and travelling through Ireland.

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Monday, 29 August 2022 00:04

Mountain, Valley, Stone Walls and Rowan Tree

Ireland has no shortage of fine mountain and valley scenery, despite having no large mountains - nothing over 1,040 metres above sea level.

Here in late summer, one of many such Irish landscapes, the small buildings with tin roof, rusted from years of exposure - standing out amongst the green of the west of Ireland, mirrored in the bright colours of the rowan berries from the mountain ash in the foreground.

A cloud filled sky creates a light and shadow patchwork over the steep slopes of this countryside scene.

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph in the west of Ireland.

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For today's National Tree Week post here is a fine 360-degree panorama or photosphere of a scenic beech wood in Ireland.

Covered in moss and with its own little niche containing water, a wooden rockpool this was one of the finest trees in the woods. 

Beech trees Fagus sylvatica are not native to Ireland but these characterful imports from Europe have made a home here. From the famous Dark Hedges to woodlands and private gardens, beech grow well in Ireland and as seen here are happy on banks as they have shallow roots.

Producing abundant nuts, a walk through a beech wood is like no other as you crunch along under the tall trees and in autumn they provide a fine spectacle of red/brown colour.

Check out one of my other 360-degree panoramas of Trinity College Dublin's Long Room Library.

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Monday, 24 February 2020 22:21

The Mightiest Tree in the Forest

The mightiest tree in the forest, an Irish woodland.

A recent visit through an Irish woodland saw me find and photograph the mightiest tree in the forest, pictured here.

It can't be done, to cut down this tree with a herring - I thought to myself.

Well, I did find a shrubbery before finishing up on my quest to photograph this fine, green place.

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Friday, 29 November 2019 10:30

Beech Trees in Autumn

Beech trees fagus sylvatica are one of the finest trees to find in an Irish woodland.

This non-native species was introduced at some point in history, many centuries ago at least, and has become so widespread that it would appear to be a native Irish tree.

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