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Monday, 14 November 2022 15:46

Golden Colour on the Autumn Road, Ireland

Bright golden autumn colour on one of Ireland's many back roads.

While some Irish thoroughfares get all the attention, The Dark Hedges and Grafton Street being two prime examples, the country is accessible from a dense network of small back roads that, in many places, are incredibly scenic.

Just colour here beside a small river, enough to make you want to stop and just take it all in for the few weeks of autumn every year.

The season is changing now and after lots of windy but warm weather recently most of the leaves are off the trees. The bare season of winter is nearly here.

Scenic and Colourful Irish Road in Autumn
Scenic and Colourful Irish Road in Autumn
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Sunday, 09 September 2018 22:16

The Green Lanes of Ireland

Sometimes for the traveller and photographer it is easy to be swayed by the charms of the more famous locations in a country or region.

That attraction is easy, the famous locations are what people ask about when you travel - "Did you visit the Giant's Causeway / Cliffs of Moher / Guinness Storehouse etc.?" is what they enquire when you return from a trip away.

The famous locations have plenty of good images to emulate and are easy to find with plenty of facilities, but Ireland, along with most countries has a wealth of landscapes, sites and sights that are not on the tourist trail.

Like this hidden green laneway, an old route through the countryside and lined with majestic trees, this route was never paved and has remained true to the character of Ireland's old scenic paths.

Join Panoramic Ireland (that's me) to find hidden places like these on one of my photography workshops and tours all over Ireland. See Ireland with a creative eye.

Contact me here.

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Friday, 30 November 2001 00:00

Ireland's Roads

Backroads in Ireland

It can hardly be called a large country, Ireland. It's possible to drive from the Irish Sea to the Atlantic in around three hours but the backroads of Ireland are some of the most scenic it is possible to encounter.

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