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Few autumn landscape scenes can be more alluring to the photographer than a woodland stream with waterfall.

Here in Tollymore, one of Northern Ireland's most scenic forest parks, these elements combine beautifully at the beginning of autumn as water falls between the stepping stones on the River Shimna under a canopy of bright green gently beginning to fade towards the reds, yellows and browns of autumn.

No wonder then that the producers of Game of Thrones, HBO, chose this location to film some of the famous TV show, Northern Ireland being home to most of the filming.

And no wonder it is a place that Panoramic Ireland visits often, when travel restarts why not join me at the famous forest park or along the coast of County Down close by.


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Sunday, 19 April 2020 22:36

Under The Bridge, Irish Landscape Photography

Shelter from the elements is often provided by the canopy of a woodland, but when you have a fine old stone bridge it gives even more than shelter from rain and wind, it provides shade and a frame to set the scene.

The small river was fast flowing and deeper than my wellies in places, rocky and clear but under the bridge there was a small area to set up my tripod away from the riverine vibrations.

Photographing in the Irish countryside doesn't always mean the famous locations, many parts of Ireland are scenic and perfect for improving your photographic techniques.

Join me on an online photography session to learn how to photograph better and learn how to organise and edit your images.

Find out more here: https://panoramicireland.com/photography-workshops-ireland/online-photography-class-tutorial-professional-photographer

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Thursday, 09 April 2020 21:12

Triangle Field and Sheep, Ireland

Life in some ways during the current lockdown due to Coronavirus / COVID-19 is continuing as normal, at least in the countryside.

Here sheep roam the fields, one field actually, this triangle-shaped field on the edge of the mountains.

A large tree stands guard over the small patch of land, and along with most of the low-level trees here, remains leafless - for now.

Higher, above, conifers line the top of the flat topped mountain.

In the hedges yellow-orange of the gorse bloom can be seen, a plant that flowers all year round in places.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 00:27

The Peninsulas of Donegal

Donegal is Ireland's most northerly county, its peninsulae jutting out into the North Atlantic with Malin Head being the northernmost point on the island.

And it is a scenic part of Ireland, the coast is long with rocky sections, cliffs, sandy beaches and with more than a few lighthouses it lives up to its reputation as a rugged place.

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Saturday, 11 January 2020 16:19

Bright and Colourful Winter in Ireland

Winter can be cold and monotone in places around the world, but here in Ireland it is more often than not a colourful time of year interspersed with snowy days.

Most of the time, snow is absent even in the mountains except for the rare years.

Here we have the rugged, weathered mountains of the west of Ireland and the Atlantic looking calm.

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I've been exploring the Irish countryside, photographing landscapes, rivers, woodlands and waterfalls a lot recently.

The weather has been mixed with some fine sunny days and some rainy spells, but the Irish countryside looks great in any case.

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Photographing woodland streams and waterfalls in Ireland, the Irish countryside is filled with places like these.

During a cloudy afternoon, Panoramic Ireland headed into the mountains and found interesting scenes of sheep grazing in fields, cloudy mountain sides and into the woodlands to photograph streams, colour and waterfalls as seen here that suited the conditions.

Soon after the weather cleared, as it often does, the landscapes of the open countryside became more worthy of the photographer's attention and we headed into the interior of Ireland.

Join Panoramic Ireland on a photography workshop and tour in Ireland, photographing waterfalls, the coast, Dublin's urban scenes and ruins in the countryside.

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No landscape photographer's spring catalogue would be complete without images of bluebells hyacinthoides non-scripta carpeting a woodland floor.

Here on our photography workshop that also dealt with photographing in inclement weather, as we photographed streams and forests so too did we concentrate on the colour in front of us.

While they didn't carpet every square inch of the beech woodland floor, they still looked incredible at the end of May amongst the lush green grass and ferns of the Irish countryside. And that path, encouraging us further into the woods.

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Friday, 31 May 2019 00:28

Swirling Water in the Irish Countryside

Today I headed into the mountains, the day started cold and grey with a lot of driven rain.

Perhaps not the best choice to be high on the mountain tops in Ireland in wet and windy weather so I went instead to a sheltered woodland to photograph streams and flowers - where the bluebells are still in fine colour.

Here I gave full attention to the small stream, cascading through the woodland but with little flow there wasn't a lot to capture that impressed.

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Saturday, 04 May 2019 23:57

Not the Famous Location but Still Scenic

I do enjoy visiting the famous places in Ireland, there's Kilkenny, Dingle, Dublin and the Giant's Causeway to name a few.

But I also enjoy leading photography workshops in the non-famous places here in Ireland - those places that make up the bulk of the Irish countryside such as here in the above image of a typical woodland scene in spring.

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