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You can never guarantee snow in Ireland but it does snow a little every year even if only in the mountains.

Here, the famous MacGillycuddy's Reeks with Carrauntoohil the highest peak at 1038.6 metres above sea level, it is Ireland's highest mountain and only one of three peaks that top 1,000 metres.

The snow line can be seen easily and the tops of the peaky mountains almost match the clouds moving out of scene to the left.

These mountains sit on the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, home of the famous circuit scenic drive the Ring of Kerry but are seen here from Dingle, the peninsula that brings you as far west as it is possible to go in Ireland.

The foreground is bathed in a golden glow, typical of the clear winter light on sunny days in Ireland.

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Happy Christmas from Ireland. As is most typical, we haven't seen snow at Christmas this year, to quote a famous Pet Shop Boys song "It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas."

Despite the cold weather of recent weeks, Ireland is quite mild - as is often the case, winter usually comes in January and February, deep into the season.

We have had winter already this year, but also Winter is Coming.

Here, a fine wintery image from the Irish countryside, a mountain ridge and snow under a deep blue sky.

I think, based on how cold it has been already in December, that we will see more snow and cold temperatures throughout the rest of winter and into spring 2023.

If you can't join me to photograph in Ireland in Winter 2022/2023 then join me in Spring and Summer 2023 to photograph the hidden Ireland.

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With the temperature warming fast and rain forecast, I took the opportunity to walk into the mountains to photograph the snowy landscape.

On the steep road up into the mountains I met a woman, man and their dog, they told me of a long-abandoned village in the mountains; we chatted for a few minutes before I was on my way again walking up that steep, narrow road covered in snow.

Steep Road into the Mountains
Steep Road into the Mountains

Ascending the steep incline to the high ridge, I was almost floored by a strong and constant westerly wind that brought clouds and clear spells minute by minute.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2022 16:12

Snow in Ireland, March 2022

Snow has finally arrived, the 9th of March 2022 and a decent amount too but it is unlikely to last for long.

Ireland has been under a weather warning for wind, rain and snow over the past two days.

When this snow melts, expect flooding.

For now, the landscape is quiet and the colour of the countryside is temporarily changed from green to white.

Saint Patrick's Day is close, March 17th, and we will expect to see a lot more green in Ireland over the next few weeks.

So, to answer one of the most common questions about Irish weather - does it snow in Ireland? - well yes, it does but it's hard to say when it will happen.

Count yourself lucky to experience it unless you have to get somewhere, because the back roads can be treacherously slippy.

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Thursday, 24 February 2022 14:03

A Little Dusting of Snow in Ireland

After my last post mentioning the lack of snow thus far in winter 2021-2022, a vista of fresh snowfall in Ireland, the green of the Irish countryside whitened for a short time.

In places, particularly the northwest of the country, enough snow fell to make travel hazardous but further south and east there was only a dusting of snow as seen here.

As of the afternoon, almost all of this snow has gone save for some at the foot of the deep hedges seen here where the sun doesn't reach, behind the orange and green gorse in the middle of the image.

There is a lengthening of daylight as we edge closer to the start of meteorological spring (you might have seen my posts about traditional spring beginning on February 1st) and despite the storms of recent weeks, the days are getting brighter.

Of course with the Irish weather being so unpredictable we still have the potential for snow up to at least the end of March.

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Sunday, 31 January 2021 02:19

Snow in the Mountains, Ireland January 2021

It's still winter for now, just for a day as according to Irish tradition the 1st of February sees the start of spring on Saint Brigid's Day.

Ireland has had some snow, as in the image above, this winter but not as much as Britain. This is usual, Ireland typically receives less extreme weather than Britain where there has been much more snow in recent weeks.

From a journey in the mountains, snowy paths and pine trees covered in a light dusting on a calm day close to sunset.

Winter is of course a fine time to photograph in Ireland.

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It doesn't snow that often in Ireland, but it does snow more often than you think, particularly in the meteorological winter months of December, January and February.

The middle of January 2021 has seen some snow falling over much of Ireland but accumulations have been small; lasting, as snow typically does in Ireland, for only a few days at upper elevations and for only a few hours closer to sea level.

The upper slopes of this hill are more snowy than those towards the bottom, the triangle field here as much green as it is white.

It is likely that we will see more snow in 2021 but for the moment warmer weather is on the way.

A Light Dusting of Snow in Ireland
A Light Dusting of Snow in Ireland
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Thursday, 14 January 2021 00:01

A Little Snow in Ireland, Winter 2021 Not Over Yet

While spring traditionally begins in Ireland on the 1st of February, on Saint Brigid's Day, meteorological winter continues through until the 1st of March.

We have had some snow already in 2021 here in Ireland but most has now melted with warmer and wetter temperatures returning. In fact we had a 14C temperature change in 48 hours from -7 degrees Celsius to +7 degrees.

Typically we would see about a week of snow in the southwest, the warmest and wettest part of Ireland, to three weeks in the higher ground of the Wicklow Mountains and north midlands of Ireland. Away from the west coast essentially.

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Well, the time has finally arrived, it's time for Panoramic Ireland's final post for 2020.

The year started so well, with a lot of promise then quickly descended into a state of...not so good.

So it's time to bring some hope into the new year and look forward to a better year, starting with January.

I would normally do a review of the year at this time but, well you know how it is. Actually I did photograph some interesting scenes this year but not nearly as many as usual.

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Friday, 14 February 2020 00:17

Tracks in the Snow, Ireland - February 2020

Just off the track through the snow, I found tracks and what looked like a good spot for a photograph so I headed up slope and into the deeper snow.

Only a fox had been through this part of the mountains since snow blanketed the heathery hillsides with fine, deep white powder.

I wandered for a while, photographed and spent time listening to the sounds of nature.

Exploring Ireland is filled with moments like these and other countless, priceless moments that make a visit to the Emerald Isle so special.

Join me to photograph in the snow, on long summer evenings, with autumn foliage or spring greens.

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