February 1st, Saint Brigid's Day and First Day of Spring in Ireland

Bumblebee on dandelion, Ireland in the spring Bumblebee on dandelion, Ireland in the spring

Today, February 1st, is historically regarded as being the first day of spring here in Ireland, spring is known as Imbolc in ancient Ireland.

February 1st is also Saint Brigid's Day, Saint Brigid is one of Ireland's three patron saints along with Saint Patrick and Saint Columcille.

Interestingly, the dandelion is associated traditionally with Saint Brigid as it flowered closest to the festival so that is what I have posted here, a bumblebee on a dandelion in Ireland.

Saint Brigid's Day is roughly halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, so it makes a perfect time to have a festival.

This also coincides with an article from the Guardian here about not mowing, spraying or removing dandelions in spring for bees.

And of course, traditionally Irish people made Saint Brigid's crosses using reeds at this time of year.

Below is one of these crosses, suspended from the rear view mirror of an Irish bus in 2017 - this is not decades ago.

Enjoy and stay tuned to find more spring images soon here on Panoramic Ireland.

Saint Brigid's Cross on a bus
Saint Brigid's Cross on a bus
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