Crocus, Snowdrop and Cherry Blossom in January - Ireland

Spring Flowers and Buds in Ireland, Spring 2020 Spring Flowers and Buds in Ireland, Spring 2020

January is over, spring has begun in Ireland - according to tradition, and colour is coming back into the landscape.

Winter is colourful in Ireland, the countryside remains green all year round but at the the end of January we see the emergence of cherry blossom, snowdrops and crocus.

The snowdrop galanthus nivelis is not native, nor is the crocus (here crocus etruscus) but both will be found in gardens and the wild now, many varieties of cherry are found too although the wild cherry is native.

Last year I found it difficult to photograph any of these fine flowers, having just been through an operation for cancer that left me in pain for many weeks, here is one of the purple crocus flowers after rain from two years ago.

For Spring 2020 the natural world is once again the subject of my camera and lens as seen in this triptych of delicates.

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