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Monday, 15 April 2024 23:53

Return to the Dark Hedges, April 2024

Antrim's Dark Hedges are famous for mature beech trees but each year sees several fewer making the iconic road feel less like an avenue.

After scheduled maintenance saw six trees of the famous Dark Hedges removed in late 2023, Storm Isha in January 2024 brought down another three of the beeches.

Large gaps have appeared now in sections of the avenue, and whilst new trees have been planted it seems that the Dark Hedges will disappear for the best part of a century until the replacement beech trees have matured. 

Here, images from April 2024 on a wet and windy day on Ireland's most photographed road. 

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to photograph on Ireland's Antrim Coast or Wicklow.

Dark Hedges, April 2024
Dark Hedges, April 2024
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A recent visit to the Antrim Coast, one of the finest sections of coast in the world, saw me heading off to Rathlin Island pictured to the left in this image.

A quiet evening with a little cloud, and unusually for the Antrim Coast, little wind, saw some colour and movement in the scene as golden hour gave way to blue hour.

There was little to stop me from staying here photographing this scene for the night except for an early start the following morning.

An hour or so of changing conditions and changing my viewpoint up and down this short stretch of coastline allowed me to photograph a specific image. then to bed and ready for the next morning.

Visiting Ireland? Join me to photograph on the Antrim Coast, in Dublin or in Connemara during 2023.

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Monday, 11 April 2022 21:25

Spring at the Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway needs no introduction here on Panoramic Ireland, it's a favourite place to photograph.

Here a quiet moment in spring looking up towards the headland along the basalt columns in contrast to the images below that show the columns and the dramatic, crashing waves of the North Atlantic.

Throughout 2022 I will be returning here to one of my favourite places to photograph, at the Giant's Causeway, many times.

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Today, August 31st, marks the end of summer - meteorologically speaking - as the three hottest months of the year have now passed.

The weather has already begun to change with cooler temperatures and full, grey skies overhead in recent days.

That of course doesn't mean that the good weather is gone for the year.

Oh no, we are just about to get into the brightly coloured season of autumn where we still get plenty of sunshine and all that character in the countryside.

Why not join me, Panoramic Ireland to photograph in autumn, winter, spring or summer in Ireland.

End of Summer Sunset, Elephant Rock, Antrim Coast, Ireland
End of Summer Sunset, Elephant Rock, Antrim Coast, Ireland
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A storm rolls in from the northwest, across the North Atlantic towards the Sea of Moyle and in the distance the islands of the west of Scotland - Islay and Jura amongst others.

In the foreground sits Rathlin Island, one of the largest islands off the coast of Ireland.

The last warm colour of the evening's daylight fades as deep cloud fills the sky and rain obscures the horizon.

The Sea of Moyle sits between the northern part of Antrim, known as Moyle and stretches across to Scotland at the Mull of Kintyre. It forms part of the North Channel, that part of the Irish Sea north of the Isle of Man to the north coast of Northern Ireland, where the Irish Sea meets the open Atlantic again.

Interestingly the North Channel was the scene of the first success by the United States Navy under the command of John Paul Jones and his ship the USS Ranger against the HMS Drake in 1778. A battle almost took place in Carrickfergus before both ships met again a few days later in the East Antrim town on the 24th of April. Jones and his reluctant crew, in it for the money but not glory, successfully defeated HMS Drake after blasting the sails and masts to slow it down. The British ship had superior numbers but was poorly crewed and its guns were not in good working order.

John Paul Jones was from Scotland and along with Commodore John Barry from Wexford in Ireland is considered a founding father of the United States Navy.

The Sea of Moyle, as seen in the above image, was the location of one of the three places where the Children of King Lir were banished to live as swans for 300-years by their evil stepmother - a famous story in Irish mythology.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to photograph the scenes, seascapes and landscapes of the Antrim Coast, Wicklow, Galway and all points in between.

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Panoramic Ireland made a return visit to the Antrim Coast this week saw me leading a photography workshop to capture the landscapes and seascapes of this geologic region of Ireland that includes the Causeway Coast, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Giant's Causeway.

Approximately 8m in height, Glenariff waterfall is located deep in its own valley in the Glens of Antrim, easy to find by the sound of its thunderous roar and along a wooden walkway that takes you along the edge and across the steep, narrow, damp valley.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 23:38

Elephant Rock, County Antrim

The Antrim Coast needs little introduction here, search on panoramicireland.com and you will find dozens of articles and images on one of my favourite parts of Ireland.

Here is one of the more interesting locations that is not on the regular tourist trail but is well known to photographers - Elephant Rock.

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