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Monday, 27 June 2022 21:42

Sunset Among the Stones

There are currently plenty of challenges with visiting Ireland, the country is now the most expensive in Europe for the cost of living, hotels are charging astronomical rates and the recent car hire challenges are being reported almost daily in the international press.

And of course that's assuming you can get here, flights are relatively cheap but with many cancelled flights in and out of Ireland and huge delays at Dublin Airport the difficulties are real.

While all of the above is true, there can be no doubt that Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries to see and to photograph.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to photograph in the Irish countryside such as here at these fine stone circles - Beaghmore, Co. Tyrone, one of my favourite places to photograph.

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Friday, 17 June 2022 21:39

Summer Sunset, Colour from Ireland

A fine summer sunset greeted me on a recent visit west. Colour filled the sky after the late evening sun set and only the sound of birds and lapping waves could be heard.

A busy few weeks for Panoramic Ireland covering various parts of Ireland including Dublin, the Antrim Coast, Connemara and Dingle.

Join me here in Ireland to photograph summer sunset scenes such as seen here, or later the beautiful autumnal Irish landscape.

Contact me to find out more.

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Thursday, 14 October 2021 22:55

Spinning Hay in County Cork, Irish Farming Life

Imagine the scene, it's a fine summer's day in the Irish countryside, County Cork this time; the sun is shining strong, stronger than for most of the summer of 2021.

We stop off to view some old ruins and find this fine big field, one of many in this part of Ireland's southwest that isn't green with this old David Brown tractor spinning hay.

At one point a joke was made that if the farmer was in a modern tractor he would have more comforts, including a comfy seat and air conditioning but...of course he has the best air conditioning going - no windows!

Anyway, on we went to photograph the ruins nearby and further afield on a day of photography in the Irish countryside.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 00:00

Torc Waterfall in Summer, County Kerry

I have written about Torc Waterfall in County Kerry before, my last visit was during the winter on a trip to the Kingdom that saw me photograph snow on the mountains and visit some of the finest sections of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

Here, what is probably Ireland's most photographed waterfall, Torc cascades from behind a natural green curtain of foliage, notably brighter than in the winter image featuring only the darker shades of evergreen holly.

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Summer in Ireland, it's a fine season - warm winds, long days and occasionally a heat that envelops everything. It isn't the first thing people think of when they think of Ireland; usually changeable conditions and rain is what comes to mind, not the 31C-plus temperatures that the island has seen in July 2021.

In most years there is a balance, warm days and mild nights; rain followed by sunshine and so on. This year we have had a cold and wet start to spring and summer, but the second half of July 2021 has made up for a lot of that with record breaking temperatures across the northern half of Ireland.

From a scenic drive through the Wicklow Mountains on a fine, summer's day.

The long and open road looks almost plonked down across the sloping, almost treeless landscape of the Irish countryside only 40 minutes from Dublin City.

This road, closed due to snow in winter and melting under scorching sun in the summer, is a fine example of the scenic drives in Ireland.

Join Panoramic Ireland for a photography tour/workshop/experience in the scenic Irish countryside in 2021, 2022 and beyond.

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Ireland is currently (July 18th 2021) in the grip of a heatwave, one that has seen high temperatures all over the island including Northern Ireland's highest recorded temperature of 31.2C.

There are few breezes and little cloud or rain, the beaches are packed and tourist hotspots are literally that - hotspots, in more than one way.

So instead of photographing in the famous places it's time to head to the lesser known parts of the Irish countryside.

Here I found a small, lush and green woodland. Even in the dry heat of summer 2021 this place still holds on to moisture and the bright green colour associated with Ireland.

Perfect for landscape photography and for some forest bathing or shinrin-yoku.

To escape the crowds and experience the hidden places in Ireland, join Panoramic Ireland for a private photography tour in the Irish countryside.

The Enchanted Forest, lush woodland in summer in Ireland
The Enchanted Forest, lush woodland in summer in Ireland
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A fine day over part of Ireland today, and a lot of rain too ahead of Storm Ellen which will bring strong winds to the west and south of the island.

I was in both parts, rain and sun. I've had my first CT scan of 2020 and bloods taken for tumour marker tests - again the first of this year as COVID-19 interrupted cancer checkup services.

So after somewhat of a damp day I was glad to see some bright, warm sunshine and stopped to photograph this scene of a laneway leading across the fields past these fine ash trees as the sun gets lower in the sky creating a starburst.

It made me wonder, on this day of contemplation, was I the only person to stop and photograph this scene? Several cars passed, a cyclist as well but no-one slowed down to look at what I was photographing.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018 11:32

Ireland's Heatwave, Summer 2018

The landscapes of Ireland are renowned for their verdure. In a typical year the summer temperatures rarely exceed 30C and in winter mild temperatures mean little hard ice and snow.


This is not a typical year however, a harsh winter with several major snow and ice events and now a long heatwave with little rain since the end of May mean that typically lush scenes look yellow and brown like in this image above.


Many trees are now also turning autumnal with green leaves changing to brown, hedgerows with fuchsia and montbretia usually ablaze with reds and oranges too are lacklustre.


Most people are saying that it was in 1976 when they last had a summer like this and certainly the summers of late haven't had anything more than a day or two at a time of good weather.


It's quite amazing really, not a need to bring a rain jacket and often 16C overnight meaning that the countryside is warm enough to enjoy in the evening without long sleeves.


Photographically it is a challenge as many of the days so far have had only bright blue skies without clouds for interest and contrast in the landscape.


And of course that famous green has disappeared, for now. I'm sure it will be back when the rain and cooler temperatures return.


Panoramic Ireland's photo tours are available in Galway, Dublin, Cork and everywhere else in Ireland, join me and learn how to photograph the beauty of Ireland's landscapes.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018 22:17

Pink in Summer, Rhododendrons in Ireland

The spring is colourful in Ireland, summer is also colourful as seen here with the pinks of rhododendron lining a path through the mountains.

A recent visit into the Irish mountains took me through large rhododendron groves, often over 12 feet in height and covering acres of upland.

The pinks of spring cherry blossom are gone, see here for more of those.

The pink flowers are very attractive and of course a source of food for bees but these invasive, non-native shrubs are taking over much of the Irish countryside unchecked.

In places it is difficult to find a way through these large thickets or groves, the impossibility of viewing anything in the distance means wayfinding is impossible.

Despite this the pink colour is nonetheless impressive alongside the green leaves and blue sky.

Join me on a photography tour of Ireland's mountains in summer or Dublin's parks in spring.

Pink rhododendron path through the mountains
Pink rhododendron path through the mountains of Ireland
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Monday, 04 June 2018 17:43

Great Weather, Sunny Days and Green

The sunny days of summer are here in Ireland.


Long days of bright, warm weather have helped to create a landscape filled with fresh greens.


Panoramic Ireland's photo tours have covered every Irish province this year with country lanes providing access to scenic views and photographic opportunities away from the busy tourist spots.


Join me for a photography adventure in Ireland this summer, the countryside is looking great with all this fine weather.


Use the contact page for more, or the blue tab at the bottom of the page if you're on mobile. Send me an email to enquire and ask if you have any questions.

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