Sunset, West of Ireland July 2018

Sunset with colourful sky and reflections in the west of Ireland Sunset with colourful sky and reflections in the west of Ireland

Last night's colourful sunset saw me clambering (and falling) over stone walls in pursuit of the colourful sky in the west of Ireland.

From this week's forecast I knew that if the conditions looked right then it would be worth the effort to photograph the sunset, the forecast for today was for better and sunnier conditions but Met Eireann like many forecasting services around the world, are often not accurate in the slightest and that indeed proved right once again.

So it made sense when the sky was opening and brightening up, to get out to shoot the character of the west of Ireland sunset - scenes that I have photographed many times before, if you have a look through the site I'm sure you'll find some more sunset images.

In the end I broke my ND filter, twisted my ankle and was covered in ticks but I did get the images that I wanted and made a sunset timelapse, more to follow on that soon.

To join me on a photography tour in Ireland, capturing scenes like these in the wild west of the small island - send me an email and ask for more information or see here for Galway coastal photography workshops.

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