Colourfully Cloudy Sunrise

Colourfully cloudy sunrise seascape, Ireland Colourfully cloudy sunrise seascape, Ireland

Sometimes the weather forecast shows for cloudy, boring and rainy weather here in Ireland.

That was true of the morning when I made the effort to head to the coast, one could have been forgiven for abandoning the morning's photoshoot or at least for not expecting much in the way of good images.

Yet here is the reward for patience, the lower clouds undulating across the sky pick up the first rays of the sun while those above slowly change colour.

This was as characterful as one could have hoped for, blanket grey skies are usually uninteresting but these were perfect for what I wanted.

All of the interest was in the sky.

Enjoy the morning seascape, it's my favourite time of day to photograph - come join me to photograph scenes like this and improve your photographic skills: exposure, composition and post-processing.


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