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Autumn is on its way here in Ireland, as we stopped to photograph the woodland stream beech leaves were falling constantly, not in large numbers but solely and constantly like the lightest snowfall.

Seen here, the bright reds of those fallen beech leaves lying on rich green moss-covered rocks alongside the woodland stream.

I'm sure there is some statistical analysis that can be done to predict whether a leaf will fall from its petiole, 20 metres to the ground, to land and become part of the photographer's image or be swiftly carried along by the stream which is fast-flowing and narrow, wide and slow in places, to flow towards the sea.

Or indeed to be thrown on to a rock and deposited there as higher water recedes.

The green moss here vibrant from recent wet weather, the same precipitation that feeds the stream and helps to bring those dried leaves to the ground.

And it's a scenic sight, reds and greens saturating this small corner of the Irish countryside.

Join me, Panoramic Ireland, to photograph in Ireland's woodlands in autumn, spring, summer and why not in winter too - literally all year round; improve your landscape photography on location.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 00:00

Torc Waterfall in Summer, County Kerry

I have written about Torc Waterfall in County Kerry before, my last visit was during the winter on a trip to the Kingdom that saw me photograph snow on the mountains and visit some of the finest sections of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

Here, what is probably Ireland's most photographed waterfall, Torc cascades from behind a natural green curtain of foliage, notably brighter than in the winter image featuring only the darker shades of evergreen holly.

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Monday, 19 April 2021 01:14

An Irish Waterfall in Summer and Autumn

Water falls over the waterfall, that's what a waterfall does; but sometimes in dry conditions, here during summer, it loses its scale.

In full flow, the waterfall fills this rockface with a powerful force of continuously falling water, flowing fast from the deep rock pool below.

Where water doesn't regularly flow vegetation can be found, green mats of bryophytes and bunches of ferns - sometimes tucked away in niches behind the falls as seen in the images above and below.

In full flow waterfalls are difficult to photograph, often generating a spray that can mist a camera lens in less than a second. Below the same waterfall with much more flow as autumn ends.

Join Panoramic Ireland in 2021 to photograph scenic Irish waterfalls and landscapes.

An Irish Waterfall Scene in Autumn
An Irish Waterfall Scene in Autumn
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Thursday, 30 April 2020 23:30

The Waterfall - Veil of White in Green Valley

Ireland's waterfalls are often famous, places such as Torc and Glenariff are Ireland's best known and most visited.

Here, one of Ireland's lesser known and least visited waterfalls, a veil of water falling over a precipice in the Irish countryside.

Green moss, hard edges and fine water - Ireland's hidden places are worthy of attention as well.

After the Coronavirus pandemic join one of Panoramic Ireland's photography tours and workshops in the Irish countryside to learn how to photograph waterfalls, the coast, people and wildlife.

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Few autumn landscape scenes can be more alluring to the photographer than a woodland stream with waterfall.

Here in Tollymore, one of Northern Ireland's most scenic forest parks, these elements combine beautifully at the beginning of autumn as water falls between the stepping stones on the River Shimna under a canopy of bright green gently beginning to fade towards the reds, yellows and browns of autumn.

No wonder then that the producers of Game of Thrones, HBO, chose this location to film some of the famous TV show, Northern Ireland being home to most of the filming.

And no wonder it is a place that Panoramic Ireland visits often, when travel restarts why not join me at the famous forest park or along the coast of County Down close by.


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Photographing woodland streams and waterfalls in Ireland, the Irish countryside is filled with places like these.

During a cloudy afternoon, Panoramic Ireland headed into the mountains and found interesting scenes of sheep grazing in fields, cloudy mountain sides and into the woodlands to photograph streams, colour and waterfalls as seen here that suited the conditions.

Soon after the weather cleared, as it often does, the landscapes of the open countryside became more worthy of the photographer's attention and we headed into the interior of Ireland.

Join Panoramic Ireland on a photography workshop and tour in Ireland, photographing waterfalls, the coast, Dublin's urban scenes and ruins in the countryside.

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Saturday, 06 April 2019 21:05

Waterfall to the Ocean - Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is an interesting pursuit, sometimes you end up with blue skies and sunny conditions and sometimes the moody, dramatic image as seen here.

Weather does play a factor, here we had the drama of an Irish sky, a little bit of blue but mostly diffuse light and really quite suitable to the subject matter in this case. Rugged, blocky rocks and a waterfall that cascades into the sea - in fact it's the Atlantic Ocean crashing here upon the shore.

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Panoramic Ireland made a return visit to the Antrim Coast this week saw me leading a photography workshop to capture the landscapes and seascapes of this geologic region of Ireland that includes the Causeway Coast, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Giant's Causeway.

Approximately 8m in height, Glenariff waterfall is located deep in its own valley in the Glens of Antrim, easy to find by the sound of its thunderous roar and along a wooden walkway that takes you along the edge and across the steep, narrow, damp valley.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018 23:00

The Waterfall at End of Autumn

Waterfalls look at their best in spring or autumn with fresh green leaves or fall colour being situated often, but not always, in woodland settings.

Now, at the end of autumn I will probably not visit many waterfalls until spring, there are a few that I will photograph over the course of the winter but none like this.

Here, the small waterfall looks good after a long few days of rain.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018 19:21

Finding the Waterfall

The waterfall in autumn is a photographer's dream, heavy rainfall, colourful leaves and fewer tourists mean a more scenic adventure and better images to be made.

Here is one case in point, taken during a damp, dark few days in autumn.

I spent an hour walking along trails, following the signs towards the waterfall - until the signs stopped.

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