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Calling all artists! Dublin Canvas is now open for submissions for 2024. 

This inclusive public art project started in 2015 with aims to make Dublin pretty by painting utility boxes all over the county, from Balbriggan to Killiney.

There are 68 boxes in Dublin City, 23 in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and 13 in Fingal. For 2024 no boxes in South Dublin are in the artist call.

Dublin Canvas will supply materials such as paints, brushes and €250 to cover travel expenses and food etc. for the day, or they will pay €300 if you supply your own materials.

The call for artists is now live, and closes on Friday 3rd of May 2024. 

More information can be found at: https://www.dublincanvas.com/paint

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Thursday, 21 March 2024 18:50

Chris Shiflett, Dublin 2024

Chris Shiflett brought his solo tour opener to Ireland last night, March 20th 2024 in the Green Room at The Academy on Abbey Street in Dublin.

Rumour has it the Foo Fighters guitarist was staying in Room 102 at one of Dublin's many fine hotels.

More dates include March 21st in Belfast then Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

News updates on his website here.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2024 00:08

Judas Priest Visit Dublin - March 2024

Metal music legends Judas Priest brought the Invincible Shield to Dublin, Ireland a few days before Saint Patrick's Day.

I was there to photograph Rob Halford, Richie Faulkner and the band, indeed you can see some of my images on their Facebook and Instagram.

The rest below in the gallery.

No need for a Panic Attack, if you can get to some select European and US cities in 2024 then you'll know that You've Got Another Thing Coming.

Enjoy the sound of fifty years of metal!

  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A0804
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A0815
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A0906
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A0947
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1068
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1159
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1199
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1279
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1359
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1423
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1536
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1682
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1737
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1770
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1869
  • darren-mcloughlin-judas-priest-invincible-shield-dublin-2024-_C2A1930
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The floorboards creak and squeak underfoot and the room echoes to conversations about David Bowie and the images presented on the panels in an upstairs floor of Dublin's Rathfarnham Castle.

This is A Portrait in Flesh, a photographic exhibition by David Bowie's favourite photographer, Denis O'Regan. 

Denis photographed Bowie at more than 200 concerts but also captured many candid scenes on travels with the music legend.

After an extensive look at the various concert scenes and the behind the scenes in black and white and colour, I chat for a time with Denis.

He tells story after story and we chat about various topics photographic from camera bags to digital vs. film photography as well as anecdotes from his time touring with and photographing numerous rock bands including Thin Lizzy and Duran Duran.

A favourite of mine comes from Bangkok 1983 and it features Bowie brandishing a guitar, wearing a cyan blue suit, his left leg aloft and the top of the guitar out of frame. There's a whole load of empty space but his raised left foot and sock matches his guitar and right shirt cuff. We see enough of his face to know it's Bowie, an image full of energy.

But there's something special about the images of Bowie relaxing in boats, walking through a flooded Bangkok showcasing O'Regan's travel documentary style and the Bowie's innate ease in front of the camera.

The exhibition ends on the 11th of February so get a move on to see it or else why not pop into O'Regan's gallery in London at 271 King Street, W6 9QF where his images of many of the 20th century's (and 21st's) greatest musicians are on display from Phil Lynott, Bob Marley, Mick Jagger, The Who, Marillion etc. to Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé.

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Dublin's Portobello is a large block of the south inner city stretching from the Grand Canal in the south to Kevin Street at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in the north and from Clanbrassil Street in the west to the eastern boundary at Wexford/Camden/Richmond Streets.

Comprising the leafy canal, leafy parks and leafy avenues this is one of Dublin's most desirable neighbourhoods.

Portobello lies within easy walking distance of the city centre, the Luas runs close by at Charlemont and buses head in and out along the south circular road.

Griffith College sits close by and anyone familar with the area will know of the area's regeneration over recent years.

Parts of Portobello have seen new developments, particularly in the east close to Richmond Street.

Portobello is definitely a sought after place to live.

Here's a fine property that I recently had the privilege of viewing, up for sale currently - but I'm sure not for long.

Colourful Interior of 25 Ovoca Road, Portobello, Dublin
Colourful Interior of 25 Ovoca Road, Portobello, Dublin

The beautifully proportioned front room is a perfect cube, looking out onto a quiet residential street with plenty of parking for residents.

This three bedroom, three bath villa-style house is on the market for €775,000 with Owen Reilly, find out more here: https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/25-ovoca-road-portobello-dublin/4735851

Located just steps away from renowned eatery Bibi's, 25 Ovoca Road is a perfect location for those who want to be close to the action but live in a quiet, residential area.

Bibi's Cafe Portobello
Bibi's Cafe Portobello
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Dublin’s once famous Ormond Hotel featured in the Sirens episode of James Joyce’s famous Ulysses.

Much changed during the 20th century after visits by James Joyce and his famous fictional character Leopold Bloom, the hotel became derelict in the early 21st century, over 100 years after Bloom made his journey across Dublin on 16th June 1904.

The hotel was built in the 1840s and became well-known, enough for Joyce to base part of Ulysses here. But the intervening years have not been kind or sympathetic to either the original layout or the hotel as it was when Joyce visited after it had been enlarged in 1910. Ulysses was published in 1920 although it was set in 1904.

Dublin's Ormond Hotel before it was demolished
Dublin's Ormond Hotel before it was demolished

There has, nevertheless, been a campaign to retain the buildings as they are and indeed one of the planning conditions are that the building, after construction must operate as a hotel and retain the name Ormond Hotel.

Numbers 7 to 11 are due to be removed but no. 7 on the right still remains, bedecked in ‘Do Not Remove’ graffiti, which is also referenced in this large piece of street art.

Do Not Remove - Graffiti on remaining portion of Ormond Hotel, Dublin
Do Not Remove - Graffiti on remaining portion of Ormond Hotel, Dublin

To the right, in this image you can see Number 6 which is a protected structure and dates to 1686 just a decade after Ormond Quay was reclaimed from the river and its marshy edges.

To the left, numbers 12 and 13 are protected structures dating from the early part of the 18th century and will form part of the hotel redevelopment but have to be incorporated into the new development.

There is no doubt that the Ormond Hotel was an important and historic part of Dublin’s old and modern fabric, but there is also no doubt that the building had become an eyesore in recent decades.

The best course of action to prevent urban decay, and there is a lot of decay and degeneration in Ireland, not just in Dublin, is to prevent key buildings such as the Ormond Hotel from becoming disused and dilapidated in the first place.

The redevelopment of the Ormond Hotel was due to be finished in 2020, but it is still nowhere near getting off the ground in what seems like an appropriately epic story.


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I have posted about Dublin’s Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary before; it sits now beside modern buildings along the south quays on the city’s River Liffey.

Known as the Dockers’ Church it was built in 1863, opened in 1864 and became a parish church in 1908; its quayside position on the busy River Liffey meant that many of the dockworkers frequented the masses held there and today it has a strong congregation of old and new with many of the new arrivals working in Ireland’s tech sector now attending on a regular basis.

Those new buildings, including the one seen here just beside the church, a workplace for some of the new workers in Ireland’s services industry have contributed to some ill-feeling on account of size, shading and overshadowing the church.

As a result, due to local protests, in 2018 the developer of many of these buildings contributed over €3 million to a fund to repair and restore the church and its surroundings. The City Quay school (jigsaw building) received €1 million and the remainder went to the church.

After some works to the front, most of the €2 million has been transferred to the Archdiocese of Dublin; the Archbishop of Dublin is the parish priest of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Currently the interior of the church is in bad condition with damp, mould, decay and in much need of repair, but the parish can’t now use the funds it received from the developers.

The exterior view, seen here with reflections in the calm River Liffey at night, is much more pleasant than the peeling-paint interior.

It’s a story that will continue to provide interest, to someone at least.

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Many of us will know the Swan Hellenic name but few will know that it has been given a rebirth, in 2020, with three new ships and varied itineraries that cover the globe.

The opportunity to learn, explore and in some cases contribute to knowledge is an important factor for many when choosing a holiday. Swan Hellenic have a long legacy of discovery tours, with their first cruise in 1954 organised for the Hellenic Travellers’ Club, which had been founded by Lord Byron in 1906. Head of Classics at London University, Francis Kinchin-Smith led the cruise and invited three guest lecturers for the 14-day cruise around the sites of ancient Greece.

SH Vega has just completed her inaugural circumnavigation of Ireland, stopping at Bantry, Dingle, Galway, Portrush and the Causeway Coast before heading to Skye in Scotland and down to Dublin allowing more people to see and experience Ireland's sights.

When I first see her from the Samuel Beckett Bridge looking down towards Dublin Port, she is moored at Cruise Berth 18 right beside the Thomas Clarke Bridge, more commonly known as the East Link and the Point / 3 Arena.

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Dublin's Docklands underwent significant, almost complete redevelopment in the 2000s with the biggest names in the tech industry still building and locating in the area today.

Here in Grand Canal Square the public realm was designed by landscape architect Martha Schwartz and the choice of red paving blocks and these tall red glow sticks were designed deliberately to give a red carpet effect coming from Daniel Libeskind's 2,000-seater theatre.

On the right is the distinctive chequered pattern of the Anantara The Marker Hotel.

This is now a good-looking part of the city and the redevelopment has brought a lot of life into the area that was run down for many decades at the end of the 20th century.

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph in Dublin at night on our award-winning photography tours and workshops.

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We're big fans of sunsets here at Panoramic Ireland, you'll find plenty of images of the evening golden hour throughout the site.

It seems that someone with artisitic skills and a spray can in Dublin is also a fan, after painting this sagely advice on a wall in the city centre of Ireland's capital city.

Watch More Sunsets than Netflix - Street Art in Dublin
Watch More Sunsets Than Netflix! - Street Art in Dublin

Join Panoramic Ireland to photograph more sunsets and get yourself away from too much Netflix, all you need is your camera.

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