Dunluce Castle, Co. Antrim

Cow of Dunluce Castle Cow of Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Cow, bovine landscapes of Co. Antrim

Cow of Dunluce

I took this image in 2006 in my native Northern Ireland. On a beautifully sunny June day with few tourists around. I often get asked if it is real, along with the header image on my Facebook page of this cow's fieldmate, both were taken on the same day and both are real rather than Photoshopped.

Dunluce is one of the most impressive features of an outstanding coastline, it is a castle sited on a narrow basalt promontory, metres above the sea. A modern castle was built here in the 14th century but what is seen today dates from the 16th century and is very impressive.

Dunluce castle had a planned town surrounding it in the early 17th century but was destroyed in 1641 and the use of the castle declined after a section fell into the sea.

Dunluce Castle, seen from the sea


Today Dunluce remains one of my favourite locations in Ireland, the whole Antrim Coast is as scenic as it gets and Dunluce makes for a perfect location for photography.

I lead many photography workshops on the Antrim Coast and it is really a photographer's playground. Every year more and more photographers are heading to this part of the Irish coastline and seeing for themselves that what has been hidden away behind The Troubles of the past decades is something special.

To book a photography class with me at the coast of Northern Ireland click here, I look forward to seeing you in Antrim soon! Panoramic Ireland's workshops are suitable for all levels and interests - it doesn't matter what type of camera you have, all you need is an interest in photography and desire to learn.

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