Dublin Street Art - Colourful Evolution

Dublin Street Art Dublin Street Art Darren McLoughlin

I recently created an article about the street art or graffiti art of Dublin for Untapped Cities.

The city is being transformed day by day by the work of various artists, often collaborating with businesses, city authorities and residents groups to brighten walls, shutters and enliven whole quarters of the city. 

From derelict districts to upmarket boutique shops wanting an extra presence on the streetscape out of hours, artists are creating something big in Dublin.

Of course other cities have street art, in Ireland there are places such as Belfast, Galway, Limerick and Drogheda that have a vibrant scene but Dublin seems to have quite a community. Fostered by local businesses including the Bernard Shaw Pub in the city's Camden Street area and the Tivoli Theatre in the south inner city, street artists are being given space, materials and time to practice their skills. Rio de Janeiro, London and New York have thriving street art communities and  Dublin is certainly moving in the the same circles as these cities.

The biggest of all the projects in Dublin, indeed in Ireland is the ambitious painting of the Blooms Hotel in Dublin's Temple Bar area by James Earley of Studio Inputout, the central characters from James Joyce's Ulysses are being painted four storeys high on the side of this hotel with amazing attention to detail from one of Ireland's foremost graffiti artists.

The article can be found at the Untapped Cities website: http://untappedcities.com/2014/02/24/the-evolution-of-dublins-street-art-scene/ and I hope you like it, leave your comments here or there.

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