Wicklow Morning - early morning Irish light

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Wicklow Morning - a green Irish landscape Wicklow Morning - a green Irish landscape

Wicklow in the morning, this is without doubt one of my favourite images.

Working on assignment for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel magazine I had the task to capture representative scenes of Ireland - landscapes, green, classic Dublin buildings.

This was the cover image and the one image that I had most fun making. Fun and of course, stress, landscape photography may be a fun pursuit for many who enjoy it at weekends away from their regular 9 to 5 work, but for photographers like me who make a living from making and selling images, meeting deadlines and creating images that meet the criteria set by art editors rather than shooting for stock it can be a stressful time. Stressful but always fun, to bring us back to the beginning again, fun is the all important element in any work. The stressful element in this instance was introduced by Ireland's notoriously unpredictable weather.

A week of dreadful conditions brought no opportunity for photography of stereotypical Irish landscapes and then on my final morning as I was about to pack away my camera equipment, the morning sunlight impossibly restrained by thick clouds moving faster than a very fast thing indeed, replaced by more fast-moving clouds - then, then it appeared. A small break in the clouds allowed a shaft of light to penetrate through to the ground like a transporter beam shining on the ground beaming members of the USS Enterprise.

It wasn't of course a transporter beam of any kind but a fortuitous sunny pipeline from the heavens and it was moving as fast as those fast clouds.

With just enough time to get my camera set up I anticipated the movement of this ephemeral ray of light and got my image, this image, the green and bright Wicklow Morning that will always be in my top ten images.

As a creator of images, moments like these are forever etched in memory.

Join me on a morning adventure like this where I will help you to make characterful images of the Irish landscape.

The contact page is a good place to start, ask some questions and find out more about half-day, full-day or multi-day photography workshops in Ireland.

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