A Fine View at Sunset - Photography in the West of Ireland

Crepuscular Rays at Sunset in the West of Ireland Crepuscular Rays at Sunset in the West of Ireland

Crepuscular rays shining from behind late evening clouds in the west of Ireland

Towards sunset or sunrise as the angle of sunlight is low in the sky, rays shining across the sky illuminating dust in the atmosphere create crepuscular rays, a series of parallel beams of light that appear to converge on or indeed emerge from the sun.

The upper rays seen here, beaming across the sky are crepuscular rays.

The word crepuscular is interesting, it comes from crepusculum, a Latin word relating to dawn and dusk or darkness. A crepuscular animal or event is different to nocturnal (during night) or diurnal (during daylight).

Here at this link is an example of a fine crepuscular mammal, Ireland's most elusive - the pine marten: https://panoramicireland.com/photo-tours-blog/photographing-pine-martens-in-ireland-wildlife-photography

So, usually when one is photographing crepuscular rays of sunlight across the evening landscape, pine martens are out playing in the fields and woodlands of the countryside.

Join me, on one of my residential photography workshops in the west of Ireland to photograph sunsets, landscapes, heritage, seascapes and pine martens.

Places are limited but available year round on a private or small group basis - contact me to find out more information and ask any questions.

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