West of Ireland Panorama - The Lake

The Lake Panorama by Panoramic Ireland

Panorama taken at sunset in the west of Ireland. This is one of many panoramic images of Ireland's West that I have been taking recently. In a previous post I explained what makes a panoramic image panoramic.

To recap, a panorama is an image with a wide aspect ratio, twice as wide as it is high or more. This image is over three times wider than it is high and represents a horizontal angle of view of approx. 180 degrees.

The late summer sunset was fast approaching and as it was a calm evening, I thought a trip to the lake would make a good choice. Creating the panoramic image under such conditions was fun and awe inspiring. As usual on such a calm evening, there was little to no sound except for the birds settling in for the night and some gentle lapping of the water at the lake shore.

The last rays of sunlight illuminate the surface of the lake, weathered limestone rocks and grasses before dipping below the horizon leaving me with the subtle post-sunset light to photograph the landscape.

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