Wisping Clouds in the West of Ireland

Wisping Clouds in the West of Ireland Mountains Wisping Clouds in the West of Ireland Mountains

The West of Ireland - what does it conjure up in your imagination?

For me, the imagination is real, a place I visit and explore and enjoy and live in often. Those wide open spaces, rugged mountains of weathered rock just holding their own against the creeping boglands that cover the region.

This is a scene that conveys that western image, the bogland looking russety and the mountains just as I described above, ancient and just protruding enough to catch low cloud seemingly wisping across the gentle slopes.

These are not alpine mountains, the highest point in Ireland being only 1039m above sea level, but peaks so ancient that their lofty heights have been denuded by erosion over millennia to leave what we see today. The place of ancient Irish tradition, stories and the places where real events took place throughout Irish history.

Join me to explore, photograph and understand the Irish landscape - as a geographer, photographer and all round Irishman Panoramic Ireland's photography tours and workshops will help you to develop your vision and skill.

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