Scots Pine and Sheep in the Mountains of Ireland

Scots pine in the Irish mountains Scots pine in the Irish mountains

Scots pine or Pinus sylvestris is a native tree to Ireland, it grows tall and graceful with a reddish colour to its wood.

Here, in this abandoned farm high in the Irish mountains this Scots pine, planted a century ago, has fallen over and for many years has grown upwards from its reclining position supported by the old field boundary.

Sheep graze among the trees in the background underneath the rounded mountain summit above.

This was a difficult place to live; poor quality soils, harsh weather including wind, heavy rain and snow as well as the remoteness of the high mountain location meant only a few hardy souls could truly make it here. 

As the 20th century advanced this farm, along with many others in Ireland, was left for nature to reclaim.

Sheep are still grazed here but no farmhouses exist this high in the mountains.

See here for another scene featuring one of Ireland's finest trees, the Scots pines of Pine Island in Connemara.

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