Sunset on the Shannon - a return with camera

Sunset on the River Shannon, Ireland Sunset on the River Shannon, Ireland
On a recent trip to Galway in the west of Ireland I was delayed and returned late, too late to get anywhere and get anything done. On the motorway heading back towards the east of the country I watched the sunset in my rearview mirror and decided to take a detour to visit Ireland's longest river, the River Shannon.
I had been here before, about a year previous and on both occasions I missed the sunset by several minutes. On both occasions, however, I was treated to a great, colourful sky with a lot of interest. On the last occasion I was leading a photography workshop but this time I was alone, except for a photographer who was already there with his camera firmly set on his tripod. After some chatting he departed and I was left to enjoy the gentle sounds of this quiet part of Ireland.
I tried a few different exposures, not because I was indecisive but because I was interested in capturing the scene as I saw it as in the image below, and like in the image above - a long exposure of 3 minutes with those streaks in the colourfully cloudy sky.
Shannon sunset, Ireland 2.5s
Below is the facebook post on my Irish Images by Panoramic Ireland page.
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