An Irish Waterfall

An Irish Waterfall in Black and White An Irish Waterfall in Black and White ©Darren McLoughlin. No usage without permission.

Like most things in Ireland, our waterfalls are not the tallest, most powerful or biggest in Europe or the world but they are certainly very characterful.

Often hidden on seacliffs or miles away from the nearest road, waterfalls in Ireland take two forms. There are the famous and not famous.

The famous waterfalls are Torc in County Kerry, Glenarriff in County Antrim, Powerscourt in County Wicklow and Aasleagh Falls on the border of County Mayo and County Galway. Glencar Waterfall in County Leitrim is the one made famous by W.B. Yeats. All the rest are the not-so famous waterfalls.

As I was headed to do a spot of coastal landscape photography the rain came in and was as heavy and thundery as I had witnessed in many years.

I decided against heading further up the coast, spending more time moving away from home to be disappointed so stayed close to where I was. There was going to be no coastal landscapes with rain like that.

Sheltering in the car I waited for quite some time, over an hour before the rain eased and I was able to get out to photograph this spectacular waterfall, a location I had never been to before.

Those pesky midgies quickly became a problem with plenty of dampness in the air, on the vegetation and with few sheep as sustenance I became dinner for hundreds of them. Some visiting tourists got out of their car, posed for photos and quickly got back into the car to drive off taking time to ask how I was dealing with the biting insects.

More rain arrived and so it was time to head on, thankfully that meant getting some respite from fresh bites. Although the itching remained for hours!

On my way back to where I was staying I was able to stop at the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way for some seascape photography. Again rain interrupted play just as I arrived but eventually I managed to get a good long exposure that I also preferred as a black and white.

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