A True West of Ireland Scene from the Wild Atlantic Way

Stormy weather on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way - a rough place in which to live Stormy weather on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way - a rough place in which to live

A stormy day on Ireland's west coast, known now as the Wild Atlantic Way.

Here small fields enclosed by stone walls running straight to the Atlantic separate rough ground with little green in this landscape - is there any green indeed?

This image is a reminder of how difficult life was on the west coast of Ireland, here on the Atlantic - what little soil there is inundated with salty ocean water.

Anything above ground battered by the relentless winds of the stormy day, coated in that salty sea spray.

But for those of us who have been visitors, and those of us in the modern age able to retreat to homes warmed by easy to light central heating, insulated from the winds with triple glazing, storing foods bought in the supermarket in the freezer, heated for dinner in the oven - it's a beautiful scene for us.

For those who lived here in centuries and millennia past toiling in the fields and sheltered by a small fire of natural materials harvested by hand, this was a tough place in which to live.

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