Stone Walls, Small Fields in the West of Ireland

Rocky, barren landscape with fields in the west of Ireland Rocky, barren landscape with fields in the west of Ireland ©Darren McLoughlin

The rugged landscapes in the west of Ireland make for great landscape photography.

Here, small fields of green have been created by generations of farmers clearing stones from the land. 

Old cultivation ridges can be seen inside the fields where, in centuries gone by, farmers created what are known as lazy beds.


This involved digging trenches, throwing the earth to the side in long ridges, a small height in which potatoes would be grown - creating extra depth for roots and to keep the potato tubers safe from the sun as exposure to daylight turns potatoes green and poisonous.

Today few would consider growing potatoes here, the necessity of the poor tenant farmers of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries for self-sufficiency now replaced by corner shops and supermarkets. Sheep are still abundant in the landscape.

The west of Ireland provides many interesting landscapes including rocky mountains, stone walls and green fields of sheep; perfect for the landscape photographer.

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