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Shipwreck of The Irish Trader, July 2018 Shipwreck of The Irish Trader, July 2018

Since 1974 the outline of The Irish Trader, a coal transporting ship, has made an interesting focal point on the long sandy beach at Baltray County Louth on Ireland's Irish Sea coast.

I have written about previous visits to The Irish Trader shipwreck here.

I decided to revisit the old, rusting frame this month, July 2018, to see exactly what remains and what damage has been done in recent storms during autumn and winter 2017/2018.

This is what I found, unlike on previous visits where the hull was mostly still intact and forming an impressive shiplike shape stranded on the beach, the current state of this shipwreck is one of even more twisting and rusting, enough to have torn the top half of the hull and positioned it upside down beside the lower.

It was a hot day, during the recent heatwave here in Ireland, when I made the journey across the sands while the tide was out. The Irish Trader was still in position half way along the beach and I could see walkers moving along past the reddish-orange metalwork.

But it was obvious that this collection of metal pieces was no longer the obvious ship shape that once adorned this featureless stretch of coast.

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