What is a Photo Tour?

Wild Atlantic Way Sunset Photo Tour, Co. Mayo Wild Atlantic Way Sunset Photo Tour, Co. Mayo ©Darren McLoughlin

Here I will try to give more of an insight into what a photo tour with Panoramic Ireland actually consists of.

So, what actually is a photo tour I hear you ask. A photo tour with Panoramic Ireland is what you want it to be, street photography, coastal sunrise, sunset in the mountains, long exposures and night time photography with a balance of exploration and learning new skills.

Every day is an adventure, and it's about time you got out there and enjoyed it. 

Each and every tour is designed to suit you, to take you to the best parts of Ireland without all that fuss of finding the right locations, to challenge your existing skills as a photographer and to explain those uncertain principles of photography that you have forgotten.

A photo tour with Panoramic Ireland will cut out the extraneous information and accelerate the learning curve. You know how you have sat and watched countless hours of tutorials on websites, read plenty of books but there is nothing like spending a few hours on location, in a relaxed atmosphere to really get your brain cells absorbing your new found talents. One hour with your camera in hand and tailored tutition can save you days in front of the computer. Get out there and do it!

Panoramic Ireland aim to provide a relaxed atmosphere to encourage you to learn, ask questions and put your newly acquired skills into practice.

It all starts with planning of course. Tides, weather, access issues, the season and the local geography can all have an impact on choosing a good location. Panoramic Ireland will consider all of these for your visit to Ireland and when we organise a tour for you, whether that is on the Causeway Coast, Connemara or Dublin City you know you will be getting to the best locations to suit your photographic interests.

If you are interested in processing your images then it is easy to add time for training in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and give sound advice on managing your library of images. In a good coffee shop, hotel bar or wherever we can create a digital workflow to suit you, how to keyword your images, organise them, choose the keepers and which tools to use (curves, levels, cloning, saturation etc.). This add-on fits nicely with a half-day photo tour (approximately 5hrs) and you get to work on your own images, to make them ready for Facebook, Flickr and printing.

What about photo workshops you ask? Well, I interchange the word workshop and tour depending on the balance of what you want from your time - a photography workshop is about learning new skills and practising what you already know and might involve fewer locations than a photo tour. A photo tour is the same, but aims to showcase a little more of the city or county you are visiting.

Perhaps it would be easier to say that no two photo tours are the same, there are so many variables that create the fun day out. Panoramic Ireland have created bespoke photography experiences in most of counties of Ireland including Armagh, Antrim, Tyrone, Down, Wicklow, Dublin, Galway, Mayo, Kilkenny, Cork, Kerry and Sligo. 

To avail of a photo tour with Panoramic Ireland just use the contact form, we come to you no matter where in Ireland you are. You don't have to come to Dublin or Belfast to do a photo tour - the image on this article, of sunset on the Atlantic Coast of Co. Mayo along the Wild Atlantic Way, was taken on a photo tour with Michael from Oxford.

Megan is an award-winning blogger from New Zealand and had just shy of two hours with me in Dublin a few months back. We met on Grafton Street, it was a very busy, sunny day and there were plenty of buskers and street performers entertaining the crowds; so rather than trying to cover too much ground we spent most of out time on Grafton Street and went as far as the O'Connell monument on O'Connell Street. Here is her review of her few hours with me at her website Blogger at Large.

Hope that hasn't been too tough, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below or via the email form

Have a look at my listing on the Discover Northern Ireland website.

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