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Wreck of The Irish Trader

Irish Trader Shipwreck, Baltray

I have often led photography workshops to the beach at Baltray for one reason - the shipwreck of the Irish Trader seen here surrounded by the Irish Sea on a very windy day.

The ship was run aground here in 1974 during storms in the Irish Sea and it has remained on the flat sandy beach ever since.

A recent return saw the wreck lose a lot of its form, the remaining sections were torn and twisted and it now lacks the qualities that once made this a great Irish landscape photography destination. 

Here's another one from a few years ago from right under the shipwreck with the tide out.

The Irish Trader shipwrecked on Baltray Beach, Ireland

It was after the storms from late 2013 and early 2014 when I went back to the long beach. A walk of half an hour from the car park is required to get to the Irish Trader, although it is visible as soon as you exit the dunes onto the strand. Without the visible landmark of the well known shipwreck it would be a long and not very interesting strand, save for the mountains in the distance.

The tide in these parts goes out far but don't be fooled because it comes in quick and silent and in places it can come in behind you due to depressions in the beach that channel the water from quite a distance away.

What is left of the ship is worth a look but it certainly doesn't have the impact that it once had. Will I take another photo workshop to the shipwreck? Yes, I think so, there is still something of great interest there and after time it will become more appealing and possibly deteriorate even further soon.

How the Irish Trader shipwreck looks in early 2014

I think it would be fair to say that the sea has not been kind to The Irish Trader.


**Update**  I did indeed make a return to the beach, to find the remains of the Irish Trader and this is what I found -

Irish Trader Shipwreck July 2018
Irish Trader Shipwreck July 2018
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    Stunning, any updates on the Irish trader?

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