A Misty Evening in the Mountains of Ireland

Low light through cloud in the Irish landscape Low light through cloud in the Irish landscape

Yesterday I took a hike in the mountains of Ireland, the sun was shining and temperatures were low.

As I cleared the top of mountain and looked across the landscape - instead of seeing a landscape of green I found what I might probably consider to be my favourite image of the year.

Thick cloud slowly swirls across the undulating fields penetrated by golden rays of sunlight as trees stand like islands in the distance.

This was not the first nor the last image that I took on the day but it was the image that I created in my mind's eye when presented with the scene, the evocative image of a mysterious landscape of fields and trees with golden sunlight.

An important aspect of photography as an art is seeing, knowing what final image you want to achieve.

I cover the art of seeing on my Panoramic Ireland photography workshops in Irish locations from Connemara to Dublin.

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