In Defence of Sunrises and Sunsets in Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Workshop at Sunset in Ireland Landscape Photography Workshop at Sunset in Ireland

Landscape photography is more than just photographing sunsets and sunrises, the crepuscular edges of the day when light is low and golden.

Often times this what a landscape photographer will avoid photographing because the subject matter is very cliché.

And it is true, along with waterfalls what do you think of when you think of landscape photography? Sunrises and sunsets most likely.


Yet, the sunrise and sunset contains plenty of character all of its own, a rather simple view that might not hold the viewer's attention during bright daylight hours can be transformed into a soft, coloured, dreamy-looking scene with the enveloping light found at dusk and dawn.

It was so with this image, a scene from one of my photography workshop locations in Galway, the day's weather was wet and windy and sunset itself was shrouded behind large cloud. The post-sunset sky was simply stunning with bright blue colour in the sky, clouds reflecting the reds and oranges of last rays of the setting sun before a brief few moments of pink everywhere.

As part of Panoramic Ireland's photography workshops I teach you how to get the most out of a sunset scene, where to be, how to frame the scene and how to expose the image correctly. Private landscape photography workshops in the west of Ireland start from €330.

For more information contact me here.

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