An Evening in the West of Ireland

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The hidden places in Ireland, stone wall and old bridge with stream cascading over mossy rocks The hidden places in Ireland, stone wall and old bridge with stream cascading over mossy rocks ┬ęDarren McLoughlin 2013

On a recent evening spent photographing in 'the West', that's the west of Ireland, Connemara to be exact, after sunset I was looking for something extra to capture. A small babbling brook, or something other than the scenic landscapes that had made up the bulk of my subject matter hither to.

I happened upon a small harbour on the edge of a lake, with a boat moored and some great reflections but I thought this location would be best photographed in the morning and it was now 22:00 in late June, bright but with no direct sunlight.

Close by I spotted a church and graveyard that I already knew, behind it a mountain in the distance was still illuminated Alpenglow-like catching the rays of sun unable to reach where I was stood.

On closer inspection there was a small but fast flowing stream beside the church, or chapel as it is called in some parts of Ireland, creating the only discernible sound in this parish. Water moving over rocks, there's something about it that appeals to our senses.

For my first image I positioned the tripod under the bridge looking upstream but this wasn't really the best that this hidden place in the west of Ireland had to offer. Moving around and jumping across rocks (some might note that this is not a skill that I possess) to the other side of the fast flowing stream I found the best viewpoint, standing in the flowing water while focusing on the entrance to this grotto with the lush colours of the grass, foxgloves Digitalis purpurea and the arch of the bridge with stream running through.

After a long day's photography and being bitten by midges, or midgies as I call them, this was my last location for the day. Somewhere that I will return to, refine the viewpoint and perhaps use a different lens.

It just goes to show how easy it is to miss (how hard it is to find) the hidden places that make for an interesting evening's photography in Ireland.

Ireland isn't a big country but it's a big task to find everything of interest, the hidden places are often undocumented, not signposted or literally yet to be discovered.

Join me on a photography adventure in Ireland's west or in Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

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