Photographing Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin

Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin with traffic trails on long exposure Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin with traffic trails on long exposure

Today I took a good long walk through Dublin on a photo tour with an out-of-towner, Jeff from Toronto, Canada.

Jeff booked a few weeks in advance, something I always suggest you do to guarantee availability and we planned to start early in the afternoon. With sunset at 16:45 we made a plan to get some low light and night shots in the city centre.

My favourite images today came from Christchurch, it is a location that almost all visitors to Dublin visit. I usually come past here on a photo tour, and it brings me to an interesting point that because Dublin is quite a flat city it is an easy city to walk around.

Christchurch cathedral sits on a hill on the south side of the River Liffey. It is first mentioned in documents dating it to 1030AD, founded by Sitric the Norse King of Dublin who had an astonishingly long 46 year reign in the city. Sitric, known as Sigtrygg in Scandinavian texts was of Norse and Irish heritage, the vikings ruled Dublin for almost three centuries and much of what we see today dates from that period - street plans and the sites of many important buildings.

An interesting figure associated with Christchurch was St. Laurence O'Toole, who as the first Irish Archbishop of Dublin, rebuilt what we know as Christchurch today. He was an important mediator between the Irish and the Anglo Normans in the 12th century. I have written more about him here, when the preserved remains of his heart were stolen from Christchurch in 2012.

Jeff and I stopped across from Christchurch, it is a particularly difficult although impressive building to photograph. It is very wide, and has a wide road with a busy intersection outside from where the main vantage point is. Especially at 17:00 on a November evening when rush hour traffic is backed up through the photos. Jeff only had 28mm as his widest lens so we concentrated on getting several photos from which to make a panorama and I took a quick picture using a wideangle that I have processed using Lightroom and converted to black and white.

After Christchurch it was down to The Liffey for a few long exposures before sitting down to look through some of the evening's images in Lightroom. For me, the traffic trails in this long exposure picture of Christchurch was the highlight of today's photo tour.

A total of 12km walked for me through the streets of Dublin today, now that isn't anything new and remember because you control the pace of our photo tour we can easily cover less ground.

If you would like to see Dublin with me on a one-to-one photo tour, then please send me an email or use the booking system.

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