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After sunset, Connemara After sunset, Connemara ©Darren McLoughlin. No usage without permission.

Panoramic Ireland has been very busy this summer so far leading photography tours in Ireland.

Here is the first in a series of updates as to what I have been up to since last time.

In no particular order, here is an image from a seascape photography course that I lead in Connemara recently.

On this occasion, after some small harbours and sandy beaches we made it to this large bay facing towards the just-set sun. With light winds moving the clouds at a reasonable pace and a calm ocean it was the perfect location for long exposure photography.

There wasn't as much colour in the sky as on previous occasions but the clouds certainly added to the interest in the sky and reflections on the Atlantic - as calm as I have seen it in recent months.

During the evening we went through the important aspects of landscape photography - planning, locations, tripods, filters and long exposure techniques amongst others. A review session afterwards to go through some of the images, to choose the best and apply corrections in Lightroom was also part of the day's course.

If you would like to book or enquire about a long exposure photography course in Ireland then send me an email and ask away!

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