Seeking Shelter - A Hot Day in Kilkenny - Horses vs Cows

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Hoses chasing cows from the shade of a tree in Kilkenny Hoses chasing cows from the shade of a tree in Kilkenny

Like my previous post, this is one of trees providing shelter for animals but trees of course don't just provide shelter on cold and stormy days, as seen here on hot summer days too.

It was a hot day in Kilkenny, one of those fine June days when Ireland is awash with colour and the smell of warmth as temperatures hit the high 20s Celsius.

Stopping by the ruins of an old church we spotted the unfolding scene of horses chasing cows away from the shade of this tree.

Like a scene from a Western film we watched the riderless horses, with their sheeny-sweaty musculature, rounding up the relaxing cattle and herding them off into the large field before returning to the shady coolness under the protective canopy.

Ireland's National Tree Week is taking place all this week and Panoramic Ireland is posting every day about favourite trees in Ireland.

Panoramic Ireland's photography tours and workshops will be back again this year, hopefully in time to capture summer scenes like these. Contact us now for more information.

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