Sunset, East Coast of Ireland

Hazy sunlight obscures the mountains, Irish Sea Hazy sunlight obscures the mountains, Irish Sea

It's hard at times to get a good location for sunset photography on the east coast of Ireland.

The further north and south out of Dublin that you go there become possibilities but Dublin south to Wicklow affords no opportunity to photograph sunset from the coast.

This is, however, overlooking the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains with the Irish Sea in the foreground.

Along with a series of images that I took in January of this year, 2017 this is one of my favourites and makes it into my "best of 2017".

Hazy light partially obscures the mountains, notable among them the outline of one of Ireland's most famous, Wicklow's Sugarloaf while sunlight shoots across the cloud-filled blue sky.

It's a beauty, don't you think?

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