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  • Connemara Coastal Photography Experience
    Connemara Coastal Photography Experience
  • Long Exposure Photography
    Long Exposure Photography

    Panoramic Ireland's Long Exposure Photography Workshops

  • Bluebells
  • Snowy Farmstead
    Snowy Farmstead

    Winter is wonderful in Ireland

  • Early Morning Photography Workshop
    Early Morning Photography Workshop

    An early morning photography workshop is one of the best ways to see Dublin Bay.

  • Coastal Photography Workshop
    Coastal Photography Workshop

    Learn how to make an image like this. Ask us today.

  • Architectural Heritage
    Architectural Heritage
  • Quirky Views of Ireland
    Quirky Views of Ireland
  • Traditional Music
    Traditional Music
  • Around the Streets
    Around the Streets
  • Photography Workshop
    Photography Workshop

    An evening photography workshop is a great way to see Dublin.

  • Ancient Stones
    Ancient Stones

    Archaeology, the remains from Ireland's inhabitants in ancient times is ever present.

  • Wonderful Wicklow
    Wonderful Wicklow

    Wild Wicklow is colourful all year, where better for a photo tour?

  • The Wild West
    The Wild West

    Ireland's West. The last refuge where land meets ocean.

  • Aurora over Armagh
    Aurora over Armagh

Panoramic Ireland

Giant's Causeway, Northern IrelandWelcome to panoramicireland.com! We run one-to-one and small group photography tours and workshops in Dublin and across Ireland. From the chief city on the island to the charming mediaeval gem that is Kilkenny City and the stunning geological landscapes of Northern Ireland's Antrim Coast or the lesser visited South Armagh.

If you want to take a Photo Tour in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland then Contact Us to book now - prices from €45 for small group tours and €135 for private photo tours!

Enjoy the site, have a look at the blog, which has some write ups of photo tours in Ireland and articles about some of the counties that Panoramic Ireland visits.

We also contribute to Untapped Cities, read more here and The Culture Trip.


Photography Workshops

Learn to take better images, learn new techniques and enjoy the challenge with our one-to-one photography workshops.

Photo Tours in Ireland

Photo tours are perfect for the first time visitor to Ireland, see The Emerald Isle with an Irish photographer, learn about history and culture while improving your photography skills.

Latest Articles

  • Photography in Black and White
    Written by
    Photography in Black and White

    The late spring and early summer of 2015 has so far been quite wet in the west of Ireland, in fact a recent visit to a lake that I know very well showed that the levels were higher than those at the same time last year; this is despite some parts of Ireland being extremely dry. Dublin had only 17% of its Long Term Average (LTA) rainfall in June 2015. May, however, was very wet with some parts of the west recording over 200% of the LTA and Knock Airport had its dullest May since 1996.

    All the recent rain and cloudy skies make for a difficult but always entertaining time for the dedicated outdoors photographer.

    Today I revisited a river in the west that I have been to often but not in recent times. And this time I took some photos of the peaceful surroundings of my rest stop.

  • Wild Atlantic Way Sunset
    Written by
    Wild Atlantic Way Sunset

    A busy start to the summer has seen me visit much of the west coast and south of Ireland.

    A recent visit to the west coast, to see Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, took me to a high point on Achill Island in County Mayo.

    Achill is a place that I have visited often, having holidayed there on numerous occasions and photographed with visitors to the west of Ireland.

    After a long day's travelling I made it to my vantage point just before sunset. The sun itself on this occasion being mostly obscured by thick cloud over the ocean.

    For me it was the post sunset colour that was of most interest and so patience was required; watching the sun's accelerated dive below the horizon, listening to the wind and wild birds tweeting ahead of darkness it was a relaxing and enjoyable wait before making the final exposure of the evening.

    Any part of Ireland's coastline makes a great landscape photography location, Panoramic Ireland create photography experiences from Northern Ireland's Antrim Coast to the urban coastline of Dublin and the west of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. Contact us for more information.

  • In the Woods of Ireland with Camera
    Written by
    In the Woods of Ireland with Camera

    The woodlands of Ireland make a perfect location for photography during all seasons, late spring is just perfect with fresh green leaves and mixed lighting giving the perfect combination for capturing colour.

    Just like the autumnal scenes I photographed here, the spring path through this Irish forest gave us a splendid afternoon of photography on a recent photography workshop with Jim from San Diego. 

    The day started with images of a nearby lake, its character lay in its densely wooded shores and islands with a blue cloud-filled sky. Following a downpour and break for lunch we headed on to this location, an old woodland, but not ancient, comprised mainly of beech, ash and a few horse chestnuts.

    At one point a group of walkers pass us by and we wait for them to amble off into the distance before continuing on our own journey again. A few ruins dot the forest, the walls covered with moss lie in tumble-down condition with hawthorn growing low and spreading in one corner. Taking another path we find some more interesting woodland scenes.

    Photography in woodlands presents many challenges, the quality of the light is as important as it is for any landscape photography, even in the depths of a forest the slightest breeze can cause movement in branches.

    Panoramic Ireland's photography tours, photography workshops and experiences are suitable for everyone, from woodland landscapes to street photography and for all levels. You don't need a high-end DSLR, just a camera (preferably with manual controls) and lots of enthusiasm. For more information contact us here.

Photography Locations and Workshops

What is a photo tour and is it different to a photography workshop? This is a question we get asked a lot. There is no real difference but simply, a tour is more focused on seeing the place with a photographic emphasis while a workshop is specifically designed to concentrate on one or more aspects of your photographic technique, equipment or composition. Both tour and workshop are interchangeable and there is a degree of overlap.

Because we tailor each tour to suit your needs, we choose the appropriate locations and times to maximise your time in Ireland and help you to improve your photography.

If you would like to know more about our photography workshops in Ireland please contact us here and join an Irish photographer for a day in your favourite part of Ireland.

Don't forget that we offer Gift Vouchers for Christmas and all year round for birthdays and other occasions. A photography gift voucher entitles the holder to the same benefits as a direct booking: one-to-one photography tuition, a choice of locations in Dublin, Wicklow and the rest of Ireland, morning or evening photography workshops, follow-on advice and critique on images. To buy a Panoramic Ireland Photography Gift Voucher for a friend, relation or even for yourself please follow this link or Contact Us.

Find out more about our Dublin Photo Tours here, for our Northern Ireland photo tours click here and Galway and rest of Ireland you can find out more here.

A Little Bit About Ireland

Topographical Map of Ireland

A little bit about Ireland

What makes Ireland so special? Perhaps it is the landscapes, the history, the people or a combination of all of these that bring 7 million visitors every year to this little island.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the chief city on the island, Belfast is the second largest, and the chief city of Northern Ireland. The island has two currencies and two governments but there is no real border between the north and south anymore; indeed it is quite easy to drive from one side to the other without knowing it.

It is true, in Ireland it rains a bit (isn't that why it's so green?) but don't let that put you off because it doesn't rain as much as you think. With some good luck there will be fine weather during your visit. The best months to visit are April, May, June and September. The days are long, the weather is often perfect and it isn't high season. Is there any better place to be than driving along a country road somewhere in Ireland on a warm, sunny day?

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Just a quick email to thank you again for a really wonderful and memorable day last Saturday. Dad has been taking the photographs out every evening to browse through them on the laptop. He's been promoting your trips to anybody...


Aideen Mc. - Laois

I really enjoyed our morning together and I got some really nice images in Ireland.


Frank B. - Boston

I had a wonderful day and learnt a lot of things that I look foward to putting into practise. You taught me to think it out a bit more....especially around using lighting. Posted from my iPhone using Joomla Admin Mobile!


Lisa Mc. - New Zealand

"Darren was excellent. He was friendly, obviously knew the area very well, and was good about finding the best shots. He has a great eye and was quick to point out scenes that I might have otherwise walked right past. "


Dave L. - Washington DC

"Thank you so much for everything, it was such a great experience and I learned so much from you."


Angela K. - Germany

"Thanks for the photo tour Darren. I'm going to enjoy trying all the things I learnt."


Barbara - Dublin

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Seven Essential Places to Visit in Ireland

Seven essential places to visit in Ireland

  1. Dublin - home to Guinness, Croke Park and The Book of Kells; you can't miss Dublin, a city that has improved over the past 10 years.
  2. Wicklow - mountainous and empty yet less than an hour from Dublin, Wicklow is home to the most famous hermitage in Ireland at Glendalough.
  3. Dingle - the furthest west that you can get in Ireland, and a peninsula that has as more pubs than you could ever visit. Visually stunning.
  4. The Burren - a unique geological landscape, The Burren is home to arctic, alpine and mediterranean plants.
  5. Connemara - rugged and wild, full of bogs, sea and sky as well as a few ponies of distinction.
  6. Donegal - the most northerly county in Ireland, the Atlantic coastline is second to none in Ireland with the sea cliffs of Slieve League and miles-long sandy beaches.
  7. Belfast & the Antrim Coast - the land of my youth, how things have changed in 'The North' and for the better. The stunning landscapes are now easy for all to see.

Have a look at the blog section of the site for more stories, events and information on the places mentioned here.

Enjoy the site, we hope you learn something and when you come to visit us here in Ireland/ Why not book a photography tour with us, learn something about the real Ireland and learn how to make better images.

About Panoramic Ireland

Panoramic Ireland create tours of Northern Ireland, Galway, Wicklow and Dingle with an emphasis on photography. We also run Dublin Photo Tours, comprising photography tuition, courses and tours of Ireland's capital city, Dublin. We're 100% Irish and we want to show you the best landscapes, cityscapes and coastal locations that Ireland has to offer while learning how to make better images.

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