The past few weeks have been busy here at as I traverse the length and breadth of Ireland.
Early morning, after the bright pink awesomeness of the first sunlight, more subtle scenes appear in the brightening sky.
They say the weather is one of the most talked about topics of conversation here in Ireland, the past few weeks would probably prove that. The end of winter saw snow storms, spring was cold with some blisteringly hot days and now we have stormy conditions as we enter May, many column inches and headlines have been dedicated to the…
It's been a busy week here at Panoramic Ireland, I've been leading photography tours and workshops all over Ireland and here, this image from yesterday shows some of the beautiful landscapes through which we travel regularly.
As the sun sets, three horses walk along a ridge in an Irish field with clouds catching the end of day colour in the open sky. It's the end of April, the trees are still somewhat bare but colour is slowly returning into the countryside here in Ireland. A cold evening with a strong wind, the horses make their way…
It's been a busy few weeks here for me in Ireland, and with Earth Day I wanted to post an image that shows some of the beauty of the world around us.
Recently while leading another photo tour to my own part of Ireland, County Antrim, we stopped off at the Dark Hedges. Choosing a morning before all of the groups arrived we had the famous avenue of beech trees pretty much to ourselves as S.S. visiting from California photographed Bregagh Road on this, his first visit to Northern Ireland.
Snow - it's been a snowy winter here in Ireland. As I've written before, and will no doubt again, it doesn't snow as much as you might think in Ireland but when it does snow it doesn't stick for very long.
It's all blue by the coast, before sunrise on the coast of Ireland and the stillness and calm of the open sea is immense. Sometimes the weather isn't what we expect in landscape photography, and weather is a big factor in determining the look of an image. So landscape photographers are not just typical moaners about the weather, it's key…
Dublin Castle sits at the heart of the city, an important site first for the Vikings who settled in Dublin and then for the Anglo-Normans when they arrived into Ireland in the late 12th century. The tower as seen here dates to the reign of King John and was completed during the reign of his son Henry III in the…
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