Wicklow Panorama

Wicklow Mountains Panorama

Wicklow Mountains panorama by Panoramic Ireland


The Wicklow Mountains lie close to Dublin and for many of the millions who live in the Greater Dublin area these mountains are their piece of wilderness. And what a place to take a journey to, escaping the busy city streets and getting into the Wicklow Mountains can be done in less than an hour.

With wide landscapes like these, to rival any in Ireland, Wicklow makes the perfect place to try panoramic image photography.

For me, my interest in panoramic photography really began after I bought a Mamiya 7ii medium format rangefinder camera. For the uninitiated, a rangefinder camera doesn't use an internal mirror for composition and focus, this is a manual camera and what you see through the viewfinder is a rough approximation of what will be exposed on the film. It is a medium format camera, taking roll film and exposing an image of 6cm x 7cm (known as a 6x7). With this camera I bought a 35mm adapter kit that allowed the use of standard slide film exposing a double-width image hence giving a panoramic image.

To book a photo tour and workshop in Wicklow have a look at the Wicklow Photo Tours section of the site.

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