Stormy Day at the Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland on a stormy morning Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland on a stormy morning

A recent photography workshop saw me at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Giant's Causeway on the Antrim Coast in my own Northern Ireland.

It was a stormy day, the previous day saw a lot of rainfall although we did get many images even with the pouring rain, and continuing in the same way this morning started out windy as well but dry.

You can see some of the stormy scenes here of waves pounding this small section of the Giant's Causeway and its distinctive basalt columns.

I have written about the Giant's Causeway here before on Panoramic Ireland.

Join Panoramic Ireland, that's me, on a photography tour to the Giant's Causeway. You know how to contact me by now!

Last modified on Sunday, 08 October 2017 01:15

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