Giant's Causeway Panorama, Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway at Blue Hour

Giant's Causeway Panorama by Panoramic Ireland

I was leading a photo tour last week at the Giant's Causeway, not far from where I grew up on the north coast of Antrim. Of course the weather wasn't wonderful, plenty of winds and rain made it quite tricky to get a shot.

This is Game of Thrones territory, the last four seasons have been filmed in and around the Antrim Coast.

Landscape photography was the order of the day at the UNESCO World Heritage Site and tripods weren't staying steady in the winds.

Looking at the forecast and the skies around us we could see that better weather was on the way so we decided to tough it out for an hour. Liam was in Northern Ireland from Toronto, he was keen to see the Causeway Coast after his visit to Belfast and with a growing interest in photography a landscape workshop made sense. Instead of moving around we decided to spend the majority of our time here because we knew the weather wouldn't be brilliant and Liam only had one evening that he could devote to photography.

The weather did settle a bit and we managed to get some good late evening images on the hexagons of which, along with some other polygons, there are 40,000.  The Giant's Causeway was formed some 60 million years ago as lava cooled and condensed but attributed to the mythological giant Finn MacCool Fionn mac Cumhaill who used it as a causeway to Scotland in order to fight a Scottish giant called Benandonner. On the island of Staffa similar columns exist giving rise to the idea of a causeway that in one version of the story was destroyed by Benandonner as he fled back to Scotland.

I'm still working on the images from that day out but here is one from a few years ago, a panorama taken after sunset in slightly better conditions than we had last week.

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