After Sunset at the Coast, Ireland

Grass clings to the rocky outcropping just offshore like it has done for countless millennia.

After the sun has set and all have gone home, I have this section of coast to myself with nothing more than the sounds of seabirds settling in for the night and crashing waves across the stony foreshore.

There is sand here but the noise of the waves in this retreating tide crashing every now and then over the pebbles on the beach is overwhelming. I could listen to these sounds for an age, ingrained in my mind.

I position my tripod and get it settled in to the softness underfoot and then I photograph the scene as all around becomes blue the calmness of the evening, preferring a long exposure. 

A relaxing few moments away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

To join Panoramic Ireland, that's me, on a coastal photography workshop contact me here and say hello, or to find out more about the tours and workshops I offer at the coast try here - come and photograph the beauty of Ireland's coastline with instruction and guiding on how to get the most from your camera, improve your composition and knowledge of exposure.

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