A Foggy Day in Ireland's West

From a foggy day in the west of Ireland.

It was an hour before sunset and heavy rain was doing its best to disrupt the photography workshop with CT from the USA.

The rain was also helping to keep this lake full and the islands floating in the thick fog.

It does rain in Ireland, most notably so in the west of Ireland where the winds coming in off the Atlantic Ocean first meet land after thousands of miles.

There was a calm silence as our clothes got wet but cameras were kept safe and waterproof by combination of plastic materials that allowed us to photograph what was quite a beautiful scene.

Landscape photography is certainly about more than sunrises and sunsets. Inclement weather often makes for a more atmospheric image and of course when time is limited one has to make the most of it but I also believe that images like these are representative of Ireland - it truly does look like this on occasion.

For more about Panoramic Ireland's (that's me) photography workshops and tours in Ireland and if you want to learn how to make the most of unfavourable weather then contact me here.

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