Rainbow Over Ardglass

Rainbow over Ardglass, Northern Ireland Rainbow over Ardglass, Northern Ireland ©Darren McLoughlin

I had a meeting in Downpatrick today, a bustling town in the east of Northern Ireland's scenic County Down.

A productive meeting, I then went around the coast of the very beautiful county that is home to miles of beautiful coastline and Northern Ireland's highest, and most famous, mountains - The Mournes.

The Downpatrick area is located has many sites associated with Saint Patrick that I have written about before here.

I stopped on many occasions as I travelled around the coast, with beautiful sunshine followed by heavy rain showers. In recent weeks this has been the pattern of weather across Ireland. See a big cloud? Get your jacket on! Umbrellas aren't much use in such windy conditions and I hate them, seems like most people using umbrellas should undergo a test so they know how not to injure others with them. Anyway there haven't been too many umbrellas out on the beaches today.

But there were quite a few rainbows, including this almost double rainbow over the pretty harbour of Ardglass. Sometimes the stormy weather brings delights for the photographer, again patience is key.

And then the rain arrives again.

As I write, I'm sitting in the car watching the waves arrive one after the other on the shore as many raindrops land on the windscreen, too many to see through without the wipers on fastest setting.

Tomorrow an early morning photography workshop at the coast awaits. You can join me on a Panoramic Ireland photography tour in County Down or anywhere in Ireland. Contact me for more information.

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