South Armagh Donkey

South Armagh Donkey South Armagh Donkey

Sometimes I get asked where the background image to my Twitter account is from. 

The answer is that I have photographed donkeys all over Ireland, from the Burren in County Clare to lovely Inistioge in County Kilkenny but this donkey was one that I met on a back road in South Armagh.

As I rounded a corner I was met by two donkeys roaming the same road, having a bit of fun they were rolling in the gravel and dust on the side of the road where there was good scratching. It was a hot day in the geological landscape of the border area in the south of Northern Ireland, the countryside was green, the sky was blue and the dust was rising with tarmac  melting on the roads.

I have written about the geology of this area before with a panoramic image of this beautifully rugged part of Ireland.

It was a chance encounter, this donkey spent some time watching me watching it then wandered off with its friend to munch on some grass.

It is a common occurrence on a photography experience with Panoramic Ireland to have unusual moments like these, unplanned meetings with interesting people and animals and it is what makes a day on the streets of Belfast and Dublin or the backroads of South Armagh or Connemara all the more enjoyable. To find out more about my photography experiences in Ireland send me an email via the contact form.

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