Snow and Sheep in Ireland

Snow and sheep in the mountains of Ireland Snow and sheep in the mountains of Ireland ©Darren McLoughlin

Snow rarely lasts for more than a few days when it falls in Ireland. Save for in the high ground, above 600m where it might persist for the winter months on northern slopes.

So on waking today when I saw snow in the mountains it was a sensible decision to venture in search of the white stuff.


It didn't take long, on the northern slopes snow was coating the road from 300m and above making hairpin bends difficult to negotiate in the car. There was little traffic and few people except for some families who were enjoying those typical things that people enjoy when it snows seldom - making snowmen, snowball fights and just general messing.

Over 400m and the car did finally encounter snowdrifts, turning became necessary and after a little 9-point turning I was on my way for the river valley below the mountains where the temperatures were higher and no snow was to be seen.

Along the way I stopped to photograph this scene, a field with some sheep all of whom were walking in line and probably glad they still had their woolly fleeces still on.

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