Long Room Library - Dublin, Ireland - a Return

Looking up into those vaulted ceilings and bookshelves that fill two floors of the Long Room Library, that's as much as I could do on today's return to the iconic book repository. The busy tourist site was full of people, mostly international visitors so photographing at ground level was impossible, except for views into the bookcases - more of those in another post. It made me think of a previous visit, outlined below - a commission that required me to photograph without people.

Here is one image from the visit, it's similar to those that I created from a commission for Ritz-Carlton Hotels and I'm sure you will have seen my 360-degree panorama or photosphere of this famous building, one of the world's most beautiful libraries - have a look here for the uncrowded view.

To join Panoramic Ireland on a tour of Dublin, to learn how to make photospheres and panoramas contact me.

Last modified on Thursday, 27 July 2017 22:35

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